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The Start of Something New

After a handful of wedding shoots, becoming an LLC, and officially launching our website, excited does not even come close to describing how we feel embarking on this adventure together. I suppose it’s been something in the making for years now- but it did not begin to unfold until spring of last year.

For our own wedding- we actually, gasp, did not hire a professional wedding videographer. We knew that we wanted a wedding video, but Nazari being a professional editor and videographer knew he could make a great video from any footage he got. With a small budget to stick to- we defaulted to Nazari’s quirky Ukrainian uncle. He shot our wedding up close and personal with a hand help HD camera, and kindly proceeded to give us all of the footage on DVD’s.

All that was left to do was for Nazari to sift through the hours of raw footage and create a masterpiece. Sounds easy enough, right? I anticipated I would have my video within, at most, a couple months. But life is busy and time flew by. As we neared our one year anniversary- I was adamant that the only thing I wanted was that highlight video of our wedding day. But alas, that day came and went. Don’t get me wrong- we had a lovely time celebrating (I went on my first gateway fleet boat ride!), but there was no wedding video.

Another full year passed until I finally received that much coveted highlight film, - for you guessed it, our TWO year anniversary. But I can absolutely say- it was worth the wait. I probably watched it a dozen times in a row. I laughed and cried and fell more in love with my incredible husband. There is something so special about traveling back in time and reliving all of those special moments. And one thing was evident- Nazari had a gift. I already knew that he made amazing videos- he had been doing it for years. But what he did with our wedding video took it to another level and completely blew me away.

I could not help but suggest, and keep suggesting, that he should start shooting other people’s weddings and give them the same gift he had given me. He was a bit uncertain at first- but the more we talked about it- the more intriguing it sounded!

I have heard many a person state that they would not enjoy working alongside their spouse- but we could not help but dream of how much fun we felt it would be to do just that.

As we were going from talking and dreaming to planning and acting, we began sharing our plan with friends. As fate would have it, one of our good friends (shout out Jen Quirk) happened to have several good friends getting married who were in need of a wedding videographer. She was kind enough to refer and connect us and the rest is history really.

From the first wedding we were privileged to shoot together- we fell in love with every aspect of the business.

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