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Evan + Emmy Kowalski 6.29.2014

Evan grew up with Emmy’s maid of honor, Kara, who ended up being Emmy’s roommate at Grove City College. Naturally, Kara introduced Evan to Emmy and the three have been inseparable since. Even graduated from West Point University and the Kowalski’s are now stationed in Germany!

Since we are nearing Evan & Emmy’s first anniversary, and rounding the corner to the Fourth of July- it seems appropriate to throwback to their military wedding day in Oakland last June.

Heinz chapel is a coveted venue by many a bride- so it is always a treat to be a part of a wedding at this incredible location. The classic cathedral chapel was a perfect component of this very magical day. While the details and locations were spectacular –what stood out the most was the contagious love throughout each and every moment. Emmy is the baby of her family AND the only girl – following three older brothers – so naturally she is especially special :) She and her mom are clearly best friends and it was beautiful how well they got along. They have the smiles and personalities that light up any room and make everyone feel as they are the most important person there.

Although it is difficult to narrow down, one of our favorite moments of the day had to be when Evan came to “see” Emmy – but was blindfolded! They exchanged special letters they had written one another and then prayed together – without taking a peak. It allowed them a special time to pause and be together in the chaos of the morning without spoiling the epic moment of seeing the bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle. It was such a neat idea and unbelievable to witness.

The entire day was filled with similar special moments. It was clear that Evan and Emmy have centered their relationship on a genuine love for God that overflows to everyone they interact with. They are blessed with an incredible and loving support system of close family and friends. The love and beauty, coupled with the neat military details, made for quite the memorable day. Did we mention that the groomsmen all carried swords?! There was also a Saber Arch ceremony following the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom cut their cake with Evan’s sword, AND there was a sword fight! (Just kidding about the sword fight ;)

We could go on and on – but will reign in the words and urge you to take a peak at the wedding highlight of this beautiful couple! It was truly a privilege to get to know them and be a part of their wedding. Words can’t express our gratitude to them for trusting us to capture their day.

Ceremony: Heinz Chapel

Reception: Pittsburgh Athletic Association (PAA)

Photography: Kristen Wynn

Bride’s Dress: Exquisite bride

Bridesmaids Dresses:


Caterer: PAA Wedding

Cake: Paddy Cake Bakery

Florist: Hepatica

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