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Nick + Jenna Lloyd - 9.26.2015

How many couples can say that they had their first date in Las Vegas – walking the strip and playing poker until 11am the next morning. I haven’t personally known any until meeting Nick and Jenna. This out of the ordinary first date encompasses their extraordinary love story.

These two met when Jenna relocated to South Carolina for a new job. While it may not have been love at first sight for Jenna, it certainly was for Nick. It only took a few hangouts, and that first date in Vegas, for Jenna to feel that same spark.

Fast forward a few years, and a few moves, and you find Nick and Jenna living in the heart of Pittsburgh. To do their proposal justice, you have to read it in Jenna’s own words:

The Proposal

Sunday, April 27th Nick planned a surprise “day date”. While I knew there would be a few surprises along the way, I never expected it would end with a proposal! The day started off with a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, Phipps Conservatory, then a cocktail at the historic Grand Concourse in Station Square. As we walked to our next “event”, we started to go over the Smithfield Street Bridge (my favorite bridge in the city). As we approached the bridge, he stopped me, babbling something about wanting to take a photo (aka getting me to stand still while he could reach into his pocket). He then said “Jenna, you know how I am terrified of bridges?” Me: “Yes” (duh!..still not sure how I got him to move to the city with the most bridges in the entire world!) Nick (down on one knee): “Well, I would walk across any bridge with you. Will you marry me?” From there I’m pretty sure I blacked out from pure shock and excitement. And of course I said YES!! While all of this was going on, our talented friend Gina, was capturing the entire event. We then went to the Andy’s bar in the Fairmont Hotel, where several of our closest friends gathered to sip champagne and cheers to our engagement!

The energy you get from being around Nick and Jenna is unreal. Their love for each other is contagious. And they certainly know how to have a great time and throw an incredible party!

Downtown Pittsburgh was the setting for their ‘I do’s’ on a glorious September day. Jenna spent the morning getting ready at her and Nick’s refinished home on the Northside while Nick was across the city at his brother’s epic Loft (which we didn’t even know existed downtown and were pleasantly surprised!)

We had a blast perusing downtown Pittsburgh with the bride and groom– walking between the hotel Monaco and the gorgeous First Presbyterian church. It gave us a new appreciation for the city appeal and charm that Pittsburgh has become known for.

While the weather and the location couldn’t have been more perfect – it was the intentionality and deep love throughout day that stole the show.

Nick and Jenna intricately and perfectly planned each component of their wedding. It was a glamorous and epic celebration – the kind you only see in the movies. But as perfect as every detail in the day was, what defines us in life is not how perfectly life goes according to our plans, but what we do when things do not go as we have planned.

Jenna was thrown a curveball the week of her wedding as she learned her dad had become too sick to be able to make it to the wedding. I cannot fathom what that news is like. But what I do know is that I was blown away by Jenna’s strength and grace throughout the entire day. She found ways to still include her dad in many components of the day’s events via Facetime and Skype - at her hair appointment, for her daddy daughter reveal and at the ceremony. Words will never due justice to convey my admiration and respect for this bride. Naz and I almost broke down more than once during the events of the day – especially during the walk down the aisle, and as Jenna’s mom read the father of the bride speech. But Jenna was the rock. It was evident that she powerfully felt each word and the void in those moments deeply, but she let joy win as she held hands and locked eyes with her new husband. Her strength gave strength to all in attendance there that day, and to those who were celebrating from afar.

Nick and Jenna took a devastating turn of events, and they made the absolute best of it. They found many ways to honor Jenna’s dad while celebrating the love between their families, and the new family they were becoming.

In Jenna’s vows she states, “I know there may be times when I don’t understand you, and vise versa, but I vow to never stop seeking to understand.”

These words challenge and encourage us. There are many times in life we will not understand the circumstances that we are in, or the person that we are experiencing life’s circumstances with. But this promise of not seeking to be understood, but seeking instead to understand, can make all the difference. Change is inevitable – so like Jenna has promised, keep seeking to understand the perspectives around you different from your own.

There is not a question that Nick and Jenna will make it through anything that comes their way. They are two incredible, smart, driven, and compassionate people. We are better for knowing them and were beyond privileged to be a part of their wedding. Congratulation Nick and Jenna! We are excited to see all that is in store for you guys as you take on the world together. You are an amazing team!

You can learn more about this couple and their story on their fabulous wedding website:

Be sure to revisit their first day as a married couple in their epic wedding day highlight to catch some of the fun details not mentioned above – such as the special guest they brought to help make an unforgettable reception entrance, the mind blowing dance movies, and the most incredible cake cutting sequence to ever be:

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh Reception: The Hotel Monaco

Day of Coordinator: Colleen Fulkerson Hair: Motive Cut and Color

Florist: The Farmer’s Daughter DJ: Jeremy Gnass Production, Andy Booth

Photographer: Beth Insalaco Photography

Sorbet Bar: Ann Gilligan's Sorbet

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