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Jeremy + Sarah are getting Married!

I always find it fascinating how we venture through life looking for "the one". We meet so many people every day - some may even catch us off guard enough to cause us to wonder if they could possibly be the one we have been searching for - whether we know we are searching or not. And then all of the sudden, one day, everything changes. You stop wondering. And you just know.

Sarah made the decision that she wanted to get her nursing degree. So she packed up everything, including her young son, and moved from Florida to Pittsburgh, to pursue that dream. While here, more than one person informed her that she just had to meet Jeremy. She finally gave in and came to a 4th of July get together at Jeremy's mom's house in the Washington County.

When Jeremy met Sarah, he knew right away. Unfortunately for him, it took an entire year for Sarah to realize that same thing. But thankfully she came around.

Jeremy decided to propose when they were visiting Sarah's family in Chattanooga, TN. He created an incredible scavenger hunt and was sure to make Sarah's son, Adrian, a huge part of the day. She said yes, of course, - and they decided to not waste any time - and plan a wedding just four months away!

It has been incredible getting to know these two (three) and watching how everything has fallen into place so perfectly as they embark on this next part of their adventure, together. Congratulations Jeremy, Sarah, and Adrian! We love you and cannot wait until August!

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