• Elisabeth Dorosh

Anatoli + Anna - Anniversary Session

Anatoli and Anna are rounding the corner to the celebration of three years of marriage! Anatoli is a high school history teacher by day while Anna is a scientist extraordinaire who is about to reroute her career track and embark on Pitt's MBA program. I'm not sure that there are two more fun, loving, generous, intelligent humans on the planet.

These two met at River City Church of Pittsburgh (RCCOP), the church Anatoli grew up going to with his family, when Anna was just 10 years old. However - Anna ended up attending a different church for most of her adolescent years and it was not until college that they reconnected. While studying biochemistry at the University of Richmond, Anna came home for winter break and went to visit RCCOP with her dad. Anatoli took note of the visitor and was instantly captivated by grown up Anna. He got her phone number to assure that he would get to see her again.

They ended up spending most of that winter break hanging out and getting to know one another. They enjoyed the time together so much that they decided to pursue a long distance relationship. And so they endured living eight long hours from one another for a couple of years, and for a season, across the world from one another.

Post grad - Anna (thankfully) got a job in Pittsburgh and Anatoli and Anna FINALLY lived in the same city. Of course, Anatoli wanted to keep it that way. So one day, he took Anna to Phipps Conservatory and he pulled out a ring, got down on one knee, and asked her to be his, forever. Unbeknownst to him, Anna had fantasized about being proposed to in that very location.

They began their adventure as one living all the way up the parkway in Cranberry, PA. Then, last summer, they decided to pursue a dream move that would bring them back towards the heart of Pittsburgh. Much like being proposed to at Phipps, this is something Anna always dreamed of doing. Thus, it only made sense to take their photos in their beautiful urban neighborhood that has brought so much joy and life to their lives.

Their love is something truly spectacular: patient, fun and honest. Oh - and absolutely contagious. Enjoy :) And happy anniversary to two unbelievable humans that make one extraordinary team!

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