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Jeremy and Sarah are Married!

Sometimes, it's true what they say, the second time really is a charm. Jeremy and Sarah met a few years back at a summer BBQ. Sarah was immediately drawn to the way Jeremy loved and interacted with her son, Adrian . They dated briefly, but Sarah broke it off before things got too serious.

The relationship may have ended, but friends and family on each of their sides were rooting for Jeremy. They prayed, and they waited. And a year later, Sarah had a change of heart. Jeremy and Sarah began dating again, and this time around there would be no breaking things off.

Nine months into round two, Jeremy proposed while visiting Sarah's family in Chattanooga. Jeremy and Adrian took Sarah on scavenger hunt throughout the city and ended the hunt in the most epic way possible: with a marriage proposal. And when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible. So the wedding date was set just four months out.

It was truly miraculous to watch as things just seemed to fall into place during their short engagement. They checked their list off one by one as Sarah found her dress, and had incredibly talented friends agree to provide the cake and flowers for the day. But there was one major thing missing. The biggest obstacle became finding a venue. They were stuck.

One Sunday, they mentioned they were praying for a location where they could get married. A man at their church overheard and mentioned that he had gotten married at a venue not long ago that was both beautiful and affordable called West Overton Village. They thanked him and immediately looked into his suggestion finding that it was the perfect location, the right price, and most importantly, had their date available on the wedding weekend they had chosen. It was truly a miracle.

During the planning process, Sarah and Jeremy would write notes to Adrian. One of them asked him what he thought of the wedding day being just 17 days away?

He answered, "I tri not to think about the wedding.

Sarah asked, "Why is that?" and Adrian replied, "It gets me to exidid".

And that perfectly sums up the theme of their day. Excited. Okay, one word could not possibly sum up their day. Emotional and lovely and grateful and extraordinarily perfect gets us a little closer.

Jeremy and Sarah's wanted to keep with tradition and not have Jeremy see his new bride until her walk down the aisle. A simple blindfold did the trick, allowing them to share an intimate moment together before the ceremony. Although Jeremy's eyes were covered, he could not stop telling Sarah how unbelievably beautiful she is. She giggled, reminding him that he was wearing a blindfold. He whispered that didn't matter because he knows without a doubt that she is beautiful.

They exchanged thoughtful notes and gifts.

They wrote their own vows to one another, and they each wrote vows to Adrian as well. I'm not sure there was a dry eye around.

The day was a celebration in its truest sense, one of marriage and family and God's love.

We are so happy for you, Jeremy, Sarah and Adrian! We are so excited for your family and this next chapter of life in the Carolinas. Thank you for allowing us to be part a part of this first day of the rest of your lives. Congratulations Clements Family!



Ceremony + Reception Venue: West Overton Village

Bridal Shoes: H & M

Hair and Make Up: Gorgeous Salon by Sorrelle

Cake: Kandie and Peggy Kline (friends of the bride)

Photobooth: Carsons (Catering Company)

Photographer: Dorosh Documentaries

Videographer: Dorosh Documentaries

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