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Danielle's Baby Bump

This lovely lady just recently moved to Pittsburgh. Her husband, Adam's, job requires frequent changes in location, and recently, that meant a move from Delaware to the great Steel City... In the last trimester of her second pregnancy.

It's a special kind of brave that commits to uprooting all that you know and starting from scratch in an unknown city. Especially when coupled with the inevitable changes of a growing family. But these guys have jumped right in and make the transition look like a breeze.

We had the privilege of strolling through a park near their new home to capture her amazing baby bump and their awesome family. Danielle passes through this place often on walks and runs around their neighborhood.

Their oldest son just turned two, and is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his baby brother who will inevitably be his built in best friend and likely fiercest competitor for years to come.

It's such a gift to see families in their element. Adam and Danielle are unbelievable individuals and extraordinary parents. Their love for their little ones is a beautiful thing and both of their little guys are so blessed to get them as 'mom' and 'dad'.

It was amazing spending time with you guys and I can't wait to meet Baby #2! Prayers for a smooth and safe delivery, and a healthy little guy!

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