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Sara Morrison - Class of 2017

It gets unprecedently more difficult each year to believe summer is gone and fall is no longer simply on the horizon, but instead has arrived in full swing. With crips air and pumpkin spice lattes and football. Followed closely by boots and scarves and changing leaves.

It's a little bit of heaven for an entire season. I loooove all things fall. All of them. So it is ironic to me that there is anything but complete joy to be felt fas we make the annual seasonal shift.

When I was but a wee freshman in highschool, a very "cool" senior boy gave me one of his senior photos (because everyone exchanged photos with writing on the back of them.. is that still a thing?) Anyway, on the back of the photo he penned "These four years fly by, enjoy every second."

I chuckled when I read that, as the four years ahead of me seemed like a great deal of time. Quite frankly, too much time if I was honest. I couldn't wait to be an upperclassman!

I tucked that photo away, and didn't think upon those words of wisdom again, that is, not until my first day of senior year.

On that surreal day, I traveled back to the day and time I first read those words... "they fly by", and realized that they are absolutely true. I couldn't have known it then. But alas, I had arrived, in the blink of an eye.

While that was years ago for me, it happens to be the reality for my dear friend Sara, who I had the pleasure of meeting when Nazari and I had the privilege of volunteering with Younglife. We bonded over the fact that she is Sara with no "h" and I'm Elisabeth with an "s" not a "z". And we proceeded to share many a early morning over a great cup of coffee back when she was just a sophomore. And now, just like that - she is a senior. Looking at colleges. Discovering the best fit for where she will study to be an interior designer: The perfect career for this girl who is so full of life and art and music.

And while college is an extraordinary exciting time, I think it turns that it just so happens to be a lot like summer turning into fall. Much anticipated. Greatly welcomed. But undoubtedly, a little bitter sweet, as to get there, it requires saying goodbye to the proceeding chapter.

So sweet Sara - as you embark on this last chapter of high school - soak it all in, because it really does fly by! You are truly one of a kind and brighten my life. I know God has great plans in store for your lovely life!

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