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Taylor and Diane are getting married!

Taylor and Diane both hail from the south hills of Pittsburgh. Although they went to different high schools, they were introduced their senior year by a mutual friend. Diane was on the lookout for a homecoming date, and her friend felt that Taylor was the perfect choice.

She got them connected. They talked back and forth for awhile. And now they are getting married!

However - they never actually ended up even going to that homecoming dance together, nor dating while in high school. It was their post grad plans of both attending IUP that sealed the deal. They dated all throughout college, and both returned to Pittsburgh upon graduation.

Taylor proposed back in the Spring of this year. He surprised Diane by taking her out for a special "lunch" on the North Shore on a beautiful Sunday in March. His family was waiting nearby, as was a hidden photographer who was tucked away to capture the momentous surprise!

As they were parking, Diane mentioned that she needed to hurry as she reeeally had to pee. She was ready to bolt into that restaurant! However, Taylor insisted that they head down toward the river walk to grab a photo first. She couldn't understand why he wasn't sympathizing with her, but she reluctantly agreed to go with him. When they made it to the water, Diane looked over to see Taylor on one knee, asking her to spend forever by his side, and everything else in the world was forgotten.

This year not only landmarks their engagement, but also the purchase of their first home together! They both have big families that they the adore (Diane is the youngest of four, while Taylor is the oldest of seven!) - so it only made sense for them to buy their first home in the south hills nearby their loved ones.

In addition to sharing an alma matar, a love for all things Pittsburgh and a special closeness with families, they also both love dogs - one in particular: their own puppy, Cooper, who joined us on their engagement shoot!

We ventured to a few landmark Pittsburgh spots, as well as the North Shore - to the exact spot where Taylor proposed back in March. :)

The love between these two is so natural. They are kind, they are beautiful and they are so much fun. We cannot wait until next summer when these two tie the knot! Congratulations Taylor and Diane!!



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