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Dorosh Family Fun


Zack and Melissa have both always wanted a big family (Melissa is the oldest of 4 kids, and Zack is the middle of 11!) - so welcoming their fourth child is a dream come true!

When Zack isn't working as an engineer by day, you might find him milling his own wheat to make his own delicious, five ingredient, bread. Or building his son a backyard hockey rink. Or designing a backyard chicken coop to raise the family's handful of chickens that give them fresh eggs daily.

Melissa worked as a teacher before staying home full time with her precious kiddos. She is also a skilled soccer player, and has the best sense of humor. She is the kindest and most humble soul you will ever come across.

This is particularly relevant in the way she communicates. It doesn't matter if Melissa is annoyed, angry, tired, or experiencing any other negative emotion (which is rare in itself), she speaks in a kind, respectful and gentle tone that has never ceased to amaze us. To put this in perspective, when Nazari and I are in an argument, we literally ask, "How would Melissa respond in this situation." We have yet to be as consistent as she is - but are always striving to emulate her impeccable communication skills. And we have no doubt that we will ask ourselves the same question down the road if we ever have kids of our own. Saying she is a good mom is the understatement of the century.

Their other three kiddos are all ecstatic for the new family addition. They are already in love with their baby brother and enjoy giving him "kisses" on Melissa's baby bump.

It was so much fun spending the evening in Monroeville Park seeing each kids different personality shine through. Photo shoots aren't often any child's cup of tea - but they were champs and put on their best smiles, eagerly anticipating the award of playground time for their photo shoot cooperation.

We are so blessed to have this family as our family and cannot wait to meet the next baby Dorosh! Congratulations Zack and Melissa!!


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