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First Year Photo Shoot: Harper Bailey | Pittsburgh Family Photography

"My dear child, as you grow up, may you lose all your fears and inhibitions,

but never the innocence in your soul."


There is nothing quite like finding out that your sister is going to have a baby. Trust me. I've been blessed to witness this first hand three times now, and it never gets any less special.

Going on two years ago, Sarah's older sister, Jamie, and her husband were going out of town. Sarah and her hubby agreed to cat sit for them while they were away. Upon Jamie's return, she brought Sarah a gift - one Sarah presumed was a small token of thanks for her generous pet watching skills. They were all sitting around the table when Sarah opened her gift. It was a wooden sign that read:

"If my mommy and daddy won't, my aunt and uncle will!"

Sarah smiled in appreciation. Then she paused. The wheels started turning as she figured out the true magnitude behind what the gift was actually about. And that it had nothing to do with the cats. Right then and there, her world was forever altered in the best way as she realized she was going to be an aunt!

And how time flies. This sweet little lady, Harper Bailey, is now about to turn one! She already has several teeth, "talks" on the phone, has killer style and walks like a pro! And when kiddos under one year of age walk, it is the cutest thing ever. When they wear tutus, there are just no words. (The best part? Her tutus are HOMEMADE by the incredible Amy Abraham!)

To celebrate her first year of life, we spent the afternoon capturing photos of her surrounded by her favorites... You can quickly tell who she most enjoyed her time with: Hint, he is furry and walks on all fours :)

There is not a doubt that this little girl is wildly loved. Happy first birthday to an extraordinary little girl!


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