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Colorado Springs Anniversary Session | Bryan and Leslie


Bryan and Leslie are rounding the corner to six years of marriage. We were fortunate enough to meet up with them in Colorado Springs to document this fun anniversary milestone. Not only have they been married for nearly 2190 days, these two beautiful humans are also high school sweethearts - meaning they've been together for over a decade - and yet - they effortlessly pass as newlyweds!

While they may not be newly married, they ARE new to the Springs. Bryan recently got a job that relocated them and their beloved pup cross country for a new adventure in some much rockier terrain. These two actually hail from the sunshine state: Jacksonville, Florida to be exact. When we heard this news, Nazari and I got really excited, because one of our best friends is also from Jacksonville. We gave the small world, long shot connection a chance and asked them if they by some crazy coincidence knew our friend, Nate...

You will hardly believe this, but THEY DID! It turns out Bryan went to high school with Nate's older brother and knew his family! How crazy fun is that?!

Even before we made this shot in the dark connection, it was easy to hit it off with this amazing couple! Not only are they are really, really ridiculously good looking but they are even more lovely on the inside. They are fun, kind, easy going and adventurous souls (uprooting their life and moving across the country for a new adventure is no easy task!). In their free time, they love hiking and skiing, spending time with their dog and exploring their new home, together. Thus, it should come as no surprise that their favorite part of marriage has been the companionship that comes with having that special someone to share life alongside.

Leslie also happens to be a hair stylist who specializes in weddings. If you can't already tell by her dreamy hair, she is phenomenal!! If you are anywhere even close to Colorado Springs, you should absolutely go meet her right now and hire her to work magic on your hair. Let's just say - that's just one of many reasons we can't help but wish that Bryan's new job brought them to Pittsburgh ;) Never the less, it's just one more reason we have left our hearts in the Rockies.

Bryan and Leslie - we are so privileged to know you guys and grateful to have gotten the opportunity to capture your love in photographs and memories made. We are blessed by the love, enthusiasm and passion you have for each other and your marriage! We wish you all the best as you continue to adjust to a new home in a new state with new jobs. Crossing our fingers that our travels cause our paths to cross again - because you guys are THE BEST!


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