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Garden of the Gods Anniversary Shoot | Colorado Springs Photographer | RJ + Lauren


RJ + Lauren are right around the corner to celebrating THREE years of marriage! These two were both born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. Their paths crossed back in college where they were both involved in the campus ministry, The Navigators.

Within the ministry, Lauren notes that she always knew who RJ was, and thought highly of him, but did not have any kind of relationship with him herself. Aside from the fact that any time a new guy would attend the ministry, she always sent them over to talk to RJ, who she knew would make them feel welcome. After years of working together (at a distance), someone mentioned that RJ was cute,. Lauren paused, and realized that she in fact agreed. She and RJ soon ended up going out for coffee together. The problem was, Lauren was unsure whether or not it was in fact, a date.

A friend mentioned that he probably hadn't thought it was a date, since he did that all the time. So things needed cleared up, which led to them going out again - this time, on what was definitely a date. And as they say, "the rest is history".

They were engaged about a year later, and married the year after that. RJ now works for The Navigators full time, and Lauren is an elementary school teacher!

My dad relocated to Colorado Springs a few years ago to work for The Nagivagors, and that is how Nazari and I were fortunate enough to get connected with these two incredible people. RJ and Lauren are the real deal: fun, intentional, kind, intelligent. AND they are always up for an adventure! We met them on a very early, very chilly morning, for a SUNRISE shoot at Garden of the Gods. Although it was 630 am and FREEZING, they came wide eyed, smiles on and armed with four starbucks lattes in hand. Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot.

We spent the morning hiking through this breathtaking park, getting to know their story, taking photos of their endearing love, and laughing, a lot. As you will find it to be quite evident, these two are crazy about each other and wildly enjoy one another's company. Their love is truly contagious and it was a privilege and absolute blast to meet and spend time with such genuine humans.

In July, when they will be officially celebrating their three year mark, they will actually be across the world in LITHUANIA! They have the opportunity to spend the entire month of July there, working at a local university where they will be supporting a missionary who teaches English full time. During the summer, she also directs a English learning program where 200 students from all over Europe come to learn and live at the university. You can learn more about Lauren and RJ and their summer mission here. And you can see more of their contagious laughter and heartfelt anniversary shoot below :)


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