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Pittsburgh Wedding Videographer | Brad + Shayna

Brad and Shayna are celebrating their first 365 day journey around the sun as a married couple. It seems appropriate that their anniversary weekend would coincide with mother's day weekend. You see, it was Brad's mom that played matchmaker and orchestrated the two of them meeting.

Shayna worked at a local school with Brad's mom who, for months, kept insisting that Shayna should meet her son. One day, Brad was home for college break and came by the school to visit. His mom convinced Shayna that she just had to stop by her classroom before leaving work that day. Shayna begrudgingly obliged, although she was hesitant, because it was the end of the long day, and she wasn't feeling at the top of her game. Turns out, that did not matter at all. Brad and Shayna hit it off right away. Thus - not only did Brad's mom's wish finally came true regarding the two of them meeting one another, but they took it a step further and fell in love! That meeting turned into dating and that dating turned into marriage. They have endured much distance over the years, but never doubted for a second that they were meant to be together. The long distance finally ended when they tied the knot one year ago and started their life together in Toledo, Ohio.

These two make an incredible team. We adore their enthusiasm for life, their families, but especially each other. They were even gracious enough to update us on what they have learned throughout their first year of marriage. We were thrilled to find that they are celebrating their anniversary in style. In fact, they wrote us back to update us on what they have learned this past year while waiting in line for a roller coaster at Disney world - just prior to departing on a cruise for their momentous first year celebration! When summing up how their first full year together has been, they exclaimed, "We feel soooooo blessed to be in this marriage and on this crazy journey of life with one another!! Marriage has been the most fulfilling experience thus far and we could not be happier!"

You can tune in below to re-live the highlight of their wedding day, as well as find out more about all they have learned during this newlywed season of life and read the amazing wisdom and insight they have to share!

What has been the best part about your 1st year?

Finally being able to live together and be with each other all the time. Oh, and buying our first home in November!!! It has been an AMAZING and super exciting year!

What has been the most surprising thing about marriage?

Maybe, how easy it was for us to adjust to living together for the first time - since we didn't live together prior to being married.

What has been the most difficult part of being married?

We think that the most difficult thing has been making sure that we are always thinking about each other's needs and not just "doing our own thing." It hasn't been hard or frustrating, but rather just something that we constantly need to think about and make a special effort to do day in and day out!

What has helped you to overcome and work through said difficulties?

Communicating with each other and always "checking in" with one another. We have learned over the years of being together how important communication is and even more importantly now that we are married and living together. It has been so helpful for us to consistently take the time to ask one another what we need, want, and how we feel. Also, we have found how important it is to be accommodating to each other's wants/needs....we have realized that we each need to put each other first no matter what and each of us need to consistently make sure we are each giving 100% of ourselves to one another every moment of every day!

How have you continued to pursue each other since your wedding?

We make sure to always express our love and appreciation for one another. We also try to keep date nights going at least once a week and dress up to look nice for one another.

What is your favorite or go to date night?

We love to go out to dinner, get Redbox movies, and cuddle on the couch with a glass of wine!

What has been the most helpful thing you've implemented/do to help you stay connected?

We make sure that we are doing things together, such as eating dinner, going to church, going grocery shopping, helping with clean up after dinner, etc...Doing those things together absolutely helps us to stay connected because there are plenty of times when the easiest thing to do would be to let one of us just do it when the other doesn't feel like it.

We also make sure to communicate our appreciation for one another and make sure we let each other know that we recognize when the other does something nice/thoughtful/helpful even after a long/tiring day.

Any other advice/insight gleaned from your first year together?

The best advice we can give to other couples is to make sure to learn each other's love language(s) and to always, always make sure you are constantly making a conscious effort to be loving, supportive, empathetic, understanding and patient. Also, remember that every day is another opportunity to learn something new about your spouse and grow together. Never take each other for granted, never go to bed angry, and AWALYS communicate-no matter how tough or uncomfortable it may be at times!


A huge shout out to the amazing vendor team that made their dream day into a reality:

Ceremony Venue: Good Samaritan Catholic Church, Ambridge Pa Reception Venue: Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport Florist: Lilli-Maeg Floral Specialties Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo Bridal Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo Tuxes: Ziggy's Tuxedo & Suits Makeup: Bethany Montecalvo Hair: Sara DiDomenico-Perfectly Posh Consultant/ Megan Liscio Cake: Carol's Cakes DJ: Eric Wenning Photographer: Jenn Cattarin Photography

Cinematographer: Dorosh Documentaries

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