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Shady Elms Farm Engagement Shoot | Tony + Ansley


One of my favorite loves stories of all time has to be Pride and Prejudice. There's something so relatable about the assumptions Miss Elizabeth makes about Mr. Darcy's character that cause her to completely detest him. But when the two finally have a chance to talk and he is able to explain his side of the story, she realizes her error in judgement and is forced to look at him again, in a new light. And then she is able to see what she hadn't seen before, yet what was there in front of her the whole time!

I couldn't help but be reminded of this most beloved tale when first hearing the very beginning of Tony and Ansley's love story. You see, years ago, Tony and Ansley both worked at Brookside Lumber where Ansley was a cashier and Tony worked as the yard personnel. They shared mutual friends and had an interaction here and there. But in all honesty, Ansley did not think very highly of Tony and certainly did not go out of her way to converse with him on a regular basis. She thought him to be big and loud and full of himself and given her quiet, shy nature, she didn't imagine he'd have any interest in talking with her.

This was the way their "relationship" went on for FOUR years. Living parallel lives at the same place of employment. Walking past one another, sharing friends, going to and from work. Hardly a second glance or thought for the other. And then, after a work party one evening, that all changed.

It was getting late and Ansley needed a ride home. Somehow it ended up being Tony that provided her that ride. And that simple gesture and short time together was all it took. Life as they knew it was forever changed after they finally had a real conversation. Just the two of them. All of those assumptions about the other came crumbling down and they were forced to take another look. And it was there they found something extraordinary - an evident connection - that had been right in front of them for all of those years. As it turned out, Tony wasn't full of himself at all. And hiding behind Ansley's shy exterior, Tony found a brilliant, beautiful girl he couldn't get enough of.

Every year since, these two have attended Pittsburgh's light up night together. This past light up night, Tony surprised Ansley by asking her to spend the rest of forever by his side. She ecstatically said yes. And there were fireworks :) They officially tie the knot exactly one year and two days from today at Shady Elms Farm. It was there we ventured for their engagement shoot. And wow. We were blown away by all that they had to offer, all within a short walking distance! The grounds are BREATHTAKING, to be sure. But what stole the show hands down was the love and connection between these two. Dance on top of the world? Not a problem when you are constantly dancing in your kitchen together. Make her laugh? Easy when you love to wrap your arms around her and serenade her. Tell her why you can't wait to marry her? He started, and couldn't stop. When the camera was clicking, and when it was not, these two were bubbling over with joy and love for the other. So happy for you, Tony and Ansley, and beyond privileged to have gotten to capture the contagious, beautiful love you share!



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