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Pittsburgh Wedding Cinematographer | Steve + Melissa

Steve and Melissa are officially celebrating their first year of marriage! In honor of this momentous anniversary, we wanted to revisit the highlight of their magical wedding day last May. Words hardly do justice in describing these beautiful people and their dream of a wedding day.

To put this in perspective, Steve asked Melissa to marry him on a once in a lifetime trip to Paris. And their wedding day was a beautiful continuation of their magical romance.

They officially tied the knot on a rainy, May day in the heart of Pittsburgh. But the rain did not put a damper on their festivities. We don't think anything in life could get these two down. To begin their day, they gifted the most genuine, intimate love letters to one another. In leui of traditional cake, they had a french macaroon cake (As they fell love with macaroons on their trip to Paris!), and they had a live band!

Steve and Melissa are wildly loved by their friends and family, and it is easy to see why. They radiate enthusiasm, grace, and wit. They are hard working and thoughtful. They give 110% to everything they do. They are fully present and engaged wherever they are. And they are so. much. fun! Guests came into town from all over the world to share in the celebration. And boy were they in for a treat!

The kindness, intellect, and generosity of these two are something to aspire toward. Thank you Steve and Melissa for inviting us to share in this once in a lifetime love story. We look forward to continuing to follow along on all of the exciting adventures that lie ahead for your beautiful family! Congratulations!

Cinematographer: Dorosh Documentaries

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