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North Shore and Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement Shoot | Chad + Caitlin

Chad and Caitlin grew up going to the same high school, but happened to be a few grades apart. Chad ventured off for college while Caitlin still had several years to go prior to graduation. Their interactions over the years of going to school together were very few, however they did share a mutual group of friends. One fateful weekend, Chad was back from college visiting home and joined up with some friends to head to a movie. Caitlin just so happened to be in the mix of people going to see this movie. This reconnection initiated a text conversation that went back and forth for about a year.

Chad was definitely interested in Caitlin, but she remarks that her parents were concerned as to why he wasn't dating college girls, which slowed things down a bit. (A detail we love :) When you see Caitlin though, and see the two of them together, there is no question as to why Chad was smitten (smitten like a kitten) with this beautiful, intelligent girl from his hometown. Eventually though, her parents were on board and Chad and Caitlin made it official.

Caitlin has three favorite things (Besides Chad, of course): The Pittsburgh Penguins. All things Disney. And Carrie Underwood. Last summer, they planned a trip to to Nashville for her sister's birthday to see Carrie live in concert. Chad picked Caitlin up directly from Children's Hospital where she had just gotten off of a night shift and they immediately began the nine hour trek to Nashville. They weren't meeting the rest of their group until later that night, thus they had a little time to spend together, just the two of them. Their first stop? An awesome winery. Upon arrival, Chad told Caitlin that he needed to change before going in, a detail she felt was unnecessary since they wouldn't know anyone. But still he insisted and changed into some nicer dress shorts (which was truly because he needed a place to hide a very special ring in his pocket). They shared a delicious meal, after which he prodded Caitlin to take a walk with him out among the vines... But, before anything else could happen, she noticed a large object protruding from his pocket and inquired as to what it was. He knew at that point that he'd been caught and that it was THE time to ask her to be his wife! He got down on one knee, and then and there asked her to marry him. She happily said yes. They were conveniently in the perfect spot to celebrate together with delicious wine and beautiful scenery. They had the whole weekend ahead to soak in their engagement with friends and family and top it off with a Carrie Underwood concert! Truly, a perfect weekend.

These two are now living west of the city, with their adorable pup, Cooper. They will officially tie the knot with a dreamy winter wedding THIS December! It was a blast documenting their love story in both of our favorite city. Congratulations to one amazing couple!

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