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South Hills Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Taylor + Diane


Taylor and Diane are officially husband and wife! For anyone who knows them, it has become difficult to remember back to a time before there was a Diane and Taylor. Their names joined together have become a staple. Their story starts allllll the way back in their senior year of high school, when Diane found herself in need of a date to a dance. A friend of hers knew of a cute boy whom she introduced to Diane. On their first date, Taylor was very, very quiet. So quiet that Diane was unsure of how things could ever work out, or if there would even be a second date. But Taylor knew that there was something special about Diane and he knew that he did not want to let her go. And so he persisted. As Diane quickly learned, Taylor is extremely thoughtful and quite creative. He devoted himself to pursuing and building a relationship with her. While they didn't end up going to that first dance together, they did end up accompanying one another to all other dances thereafter. They fell in love somewhere between attending each other's proms, many trips to Sincerely yogurt, both attending school at IUP, and traveling to Europe together. But even amidst all of their adventures, their hearts remained in Pittsburgh, so upon graduation they both returned to the 'burgh' to find jobs and settle down. No time was wasted. They got an adorable puppy, Cooper, and purchased a home to renovate together near their families south of the city. There was no doubt to anyone who knew them that they made the perfect team, and Taylor was secretly working to plan the perfect proposal to surprise Diane. He arranged a brunch at her favorite restaurant, Paris 66, with the alibi that it was a family outing in the city as to not make Diane suspicious. He elaborated that his mom's friend had a new camera she wanted to practice with and was going to take some family photos after brunch. Diane loves photos, so this was exciting news. On the way to the restaurant, Taylor's family "cancelled" due to a "stomach bug" but insisted that the pair continue on without them. Together, the shared an amazing french inspired brunch (think: crepes, mimosas, and macaroons!). During their meal, Taylor "received a text" from his mom's friend noting that she would still like to take pictures of the two of them, even if the rest of the family couldn't make it (which made Diane very happy). She was oblivious that the whole thing was part of Taylor's perfectly orchestrated plan, as he sat nervously (and quietly) with the ring box hiding inside of his sock, held in place by a rubber band. Following their brunch for two, they ventured on to the North Shore's river edge for their "photos", to meet the photographer (who in actuality was hiding in the bushes waiting to capture what was about to happen next). While they "waited", Taylor handed Diane a gift (that he stated was a late Valentine's Day present). He explained that the place he bought it from made a mistake on the engraving. Diane, confused, opened the box to reveal that the "mistake" was that her initials were changed from "DMK " to "DMH". Taylor then proceeded to get down on one knee and ask Diane to make him the happiest man in the world by agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. A speechless Diane took several seconds to process this request. She answered "yes" to the easiest question she had ever been asked, just as she had done to the Prom proposal years earlier.

They said their "I Do's" on a beautiful (and warm!) Saturday in June. The day was flawless from start to end. This likely had something to do with Diane's impeccable organization and planning skills mixed with Taylor's incredibly calm and easy going nature. And it definitely had to do with the fact that these two were made for one another. They are kind and beautiful and the two most thoughtful, intentional humans on the planet. (I told you they are the perfect match!) From the amazing gifts and notes they exchanged with each other in the morning, to their out of this world choreographed first dance, and all of the simple, magical moments in between - Thank you Taylor and Diane - it was an absolute joy to spend the day alongside of you and your incredible families, capturing the love you share. We couldn't be happier for you, Mr. & Mrs. Hall!


The Incredible Vendor Team:

Photo + CInema: Dorosh Documentaries Photography Assistant: Olivia of Olivia James Photography Cinematography Assistant: Alan Buehler Ceremony: Ruthfred Lutheran Church, Bethel Park, PA Reception: Crown Plaza Pittsburgh South Florist: Donati Pete & Sons Greenhouse Hair and MakeUp: JL Makeup Studio and Beauty Boutique Bride's Dress: Bridal Beginning Pittsburgh Bridal Accessories: The Exquisite Bride Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids Menswear: Men's Wearhouse Kenneth Cole Invitations: Minted DJ: Galiffa Productions

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