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Ohio Wedding Cinematographer | Aaron + Alexa

The summer after her sophomore year of college, Lexi found herself preparing to work as an intern at Smuckers in her hometown of Orrville, Ohio for the second year in a row. Smuckers had a mentoring program created specifically for their interns. Since she had previously been an intern, she wondered if she would get matched up with anyone for the summer ahead. She soon found out that she did indeed get paired and her mentor would be a guy named Aaron. Many friends told her that she was very lucky because he was really smart and kind, however she wasn't sure as she had never met him before. Her internship began. She went into work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and this guy Aaron never introduced himself. She wondered if she was ever going to meet him. It took him the entire week to get up the courage to go talk to her. He finally summoned enough willpower and come Friday morning, he approached her desk to introduce himself. She looked up and her initial impression was something along the lines of, "Aww, this poor boy. He is so skinny and nerdy." But as she would soon learn, first impressions can be deceiving. Throughout the internship, she was amazed by his kindness, professionalism and faith. There were times they would be working together on a project and she would be blown away by how much he was growing on her and how cute she thought his smile was. The catch? At this point, she had been dating a boy on and off for nearly four years. Because she had a boyfriend, things stayed very platonic. However, her eyes were opened to the potential of how good things could be. Their time together came to an end and she headed back to school. Periodically throughout the semester, she would get a text from Aaron, just checking in. One weekend, she came home to Orville. Aaron knew she had been in town and inquired if she got to see her boyfriend or if it was just a family weekend. She informed him that she had actually broken up with her boyfriend. Cue the fireworks, butterflies and all the smiley emojis in the world. While this was great news for Aaron, he was very respectful to what she was going through. It took a few months before they officially got together and they realized very quickly that they could see themselves together forever.


FCeremony: Pleasant Hills Baptist Church, Sterling, OH Reception: @The Gardens at Homestead, Fredericksburg, OH Florist: The Bouquet Shop​ Bridal Gown: The Gown Shop - Bridal​ Bridesmaid Dresses: Abbott's Bridal and Formalwear​ Menswear: Tuxedo Junction​ Cake: Fabulicious Bakery​ Cupcakes: Couture Cakes by marcine​ Photographer: Marty's Studio​ Cinematographer: Dorosh Documentaries​

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