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Dean + Heather Are Getting Married!


One of the greatest things you can find in a spouse is a partner that brings out the best in you. A person you can fully be yourself with. And someone who loves you, just as you are. Within minutes of being around Heather and Dean, it is so clear that they have found all that and more in one another. Not only are they are absolutely breathtaking together, they have an absolute blast with one another. The share the same clever, goofy sense of humor and the CRACK each other UP! Their love lights up the room and it really is a special thing to witness. Nazari and I were beyond blessed when we got to spend an entire EVENING with them capturing their love and laughter.

Dean and Heather were visiting family in Pittsburgh on what happened to be one of the rainiest weekends we've seen in awhile. Because of their long trip to the city, rescheduling their shoot was not an option. As we were driving to meet this incredible couple (umbrellas and rain gear in tow), the sky was ominous, and it was down pouring. The weather was not looking promising. We pulled into a parking spot just minutes before we were to begin our shoot, praying for a break in the precipitation. The rain began to slow. Soon it was a light drizzle. And suddenly, just like that, it stopped entirely. We were given a window of perfect weather at exactly the right time. It was extraordinary. And entirely fitting for this beautiful pair. The craziest part is that if they were native to Pittsburgh, we likely would have rescheduled their shoot and missed out on the glorious light that replaced the gloomy weather. That perfect and unexpected timing seems to be a theme for this pair.

You see, while both attending Messiah College, they had a mutual friend that wanted to introduce them. She kept persisting, and Heather kept declining. She was busy preparing for graduation, applying for jobs, and soaking in her last semester of college life. When Dean heard that Heather wasn't interested, he essentially dropped the idea of the set up. But their friend never let it go.

Finally, toward the very end of senior year, Heather agreed to go to a get together of mutual friends where Dean would be in attendance. Although they were both there, they didn't get a chance to interact. Weeks later, they were both out with friends again, but this time things were radically different. There was a lot of interaction, a spark, and immediately they couldn't get enough of each other. Those final weeks of Heather's undergrad career, they were practically inseparable. They were given a window of opportunity at exactly the right time. The only downside? In just three weeks, Heather was moving to Washington D.C.

Although it was early in their relationship, Dean jumped on the opportunity to assist Heather with the big move. Deciding to pursue a long distance relationship just weeks in is a bold move. But they were sure enough that what they had made pursuing one another despite the inevitable distance worth a shot.

Dean notes that he knew that this was it for him. His dad always advised him to know a good thing when he finds it, and hold onto it. And with Heather, he knew right away. It turns out, the distance only brought them closer. And come next spring, they will never have to deal with the woes of long distance dating ever again!

Enjoy perusing these highlights from their Phipps Engagement Session as you smile and laugh and fall more in love with love. Because seriously, these two are the cutest, and most fun ever! Congratulations to Dean and Heather <3


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