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Downtown Pittsburgh Wedding Cinematographer | Alex + Scott

Scott and Alex tied the knot on the dreamiest July evening in downtown Pittsburgh. The day was literally flawless from start to finish. Much credit has to go to the most extraordinary vendor team we have ever been blessed to be a part of. Scott and Alex have great taste and high standards. This was evident in everything about their day, but in nothing more so than their choice of life partner. They may have drastically opposite personalities, but there is no question that God created them for each other - something they realized very early on.

Scott, after graduating from Notre Dame with an engineering degree, ended up in Pittsburgh to be a part of the Fellows program. After completing the program, he moved in with a few friends he had made during his Fellows year and settled into life in the ‘Burgh.

Alex, after graduating from the College of Charleston, returned to her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. While she was physically present here, she had left her heart in the south and became bound and determined to get a job and return back there ASAP. Unfortunately, nothing was panning out and she was feeling defeated. Her parents graciously confronted her - advising her to not send one more job application and just to take the summer off. Relieved, she agreed and spent the summer resting and reacquainting with God. Upon summer’s end, she actually landed a job in Pittsburgh and realized she was home for the long haul.

She got plugged back into the church she had grown up in and slowly started meeting an incredible group of friends. These new friends invited her to a house party at Scott's house, where she went armed with a bottle of wine (as any good guest would), to meet these friends of her new friends.

Following brief introductions, she was instructed to the location of a corkscrew, in a drawer that was being blocked by Scott, who was so engrossed in deep conversation that he was completely unaware of Alex behind him trying to obtain the corkscrew.

To remedy the problem, she boldly, and to his great surprise, swatted his behind. That got his attention and he looked behind him with a look that she interpreted as "Who in the world is this girl?". She laughed it off and exclaimed ""Oh - well that was firmer than I expected". They both carried on with their own business and didn't cross paths the rest of the night. (a detail which Alex notes was completely unrelated).

A few weeks later and Alex found herself back at Scott's apartment to watch a Steeler's playoff game. Her commentary entranced Scott more than the football game. He listened intently, intrigued by her stories. This was rare. In fact, it was the first time Scott had not attentively watched a game.

Their paths continued to cross, and a night out on the town and some liquid courage led Alex to boldly stick her phone out to Scott with the ‘Add Contacts’ tab open and a wink. Scott took note and placed his phone number in Alex's cell.

With her number in tow, Scott soon decided that he wanted to take Alex on a special date. Prior to going out, they agreed they should pray and seek God about their relationship. Scott and Alex then regrouped to share their encounters.

God revealed to Scott that all of his past relationship had been preparing him to be the man Alex needed.

God revealed to Alex that Scott was the fulfillment of the gift he had promised her, but that because he was more reserved, she would need to be patient and trust that he would take initiative.

While they felt they "should" wait until their fancy date - they couldn't help it, they shared not only what they had prayed about, but their first kiss as well, as they both realized the magnitude of what was right in front of them.

Their downtown "I Do's" are filled with a fun, heartfelt first look (butt tap included-just like the first night they met!), the most epic florals your eyes have ever beheld, a love that is out of this world, and a romantic rooftop reception that you do not want to miss!


Wedding Planner: Bumble Burgh Events Co.

Ceremony + Reception Venues: Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh

Hair and Make Up: Hannah Conard Beauty

Bridal Attire: Watters

Menswear: Jos A Bank

Stationary: Olive Paper Co.

Cinematographer: Dorosh Documentaries

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