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Pittsburgh Family Photographer | The Sidani Family

beautiful family of five on the front steps of their home in Sewickly

The Sidani Family resides in Edgeworth, a part of Pittsburgh located just past Sewickly. When you enter their neighborhood, it’s like you’ve gone into another world entirely. This charming area is most certainly one of Pittsburgh’s best kept secrets. Beautiful, historic homes line the streets. Majestic trees decorate the walkways. And there is a quant park in easy walking distance.

The Sidani’s have lived in their home for a number of years now, and have done a lot of work to restore and bring it new life. Early after I had arrived for the shoot, their middle son, Owen, matter of factly told me “My dad is a good doctor, and he is good at building things.” And man is he is spot on. Last year, I had the honor of photographing this family just after their youngest was born and Ramzi had built a mini crib for his new son. It is AMAZING! (And you can check that out here :)

Currently, he is constructing a garage door. A remarkable piece that can be added to a laundry list of creations he has made to add to his home’s charm. But as lovely as this neighborhood is, and as full of character as their charming home is, it is truly the people who reside there that make it so special.

My heart could burst just thinking back on the evening I was able to spend in their company; invited into their space. To watch them play and interact in their back yard. To stroll through their quant neighborhood toward Triangle Park, as they do on so many evenings. To have the privilege of being a fly on the wall in this extraordinary family’s every day moments. They are everything I could ever hope my own family will someday be.

Being in the company of the Sidanis energizes me. They are so full of life that it can’t help but overflow. Jaime and Ramzi are such good parents. They genuinely love their kiddos. And after three children, and many years of marriage, it is so evident that they genuinely love each other too, perhaps now more than ever. It’s an easy, authentic love – seen in the way they look at each other, speak to one another, and comically banter. In the way they play and laugh with their kids. I feel beyond blessed to have had a camera to give you this window into a small piece of their lives. Enjoy :)


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