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Longue Vue Country Club Wedding Cinematographer | A Year In Review | Rob + Brittany

Robert + Brittany are both graduates of Gannon University - an institution that is not only their alma mater, but also the place where their story began. Brittany knew Rob as the "cool guy" who lived across the hall with big TV's and comfy couches. Although he was friends with her friends, and their paths crossed more than once, they never actually spoke to one another. That all changed their junior year of college when Brittany's sorority and Rob's fraternity were given the task of planning their school's homecoming together. They quickly became close friends - such close friends that they soon realized they were practically dating - and so they decided to make it official.

After college, Rob moved to Pittsburgh "for a job" (but everyone knows it was really for Brittany ;) He solidified that truth in July of 2015 while vacationing in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Brittany stepped outside their beach front house, at sunset mind you, to find the stairs lined with mason jars and tea lights. As she descended the wooden steps toward the dimly lit ocean, she found Rob waiting for her on one knee and with a very important question. She was overjoyed as she enthusiastically agreed to spend forever with her best friend. They ended the night by popping champagne with both of their families, who Rob had arranged ahead of time to have conveniently be in North Carolina.

Their wedding day had every bit as much enthusiasm, romance, and love for their families as their engagement possessed. The venue was a dream, the weather was ideal, the aesthetics out of this world and every detail planned to a 'T'. Yet what excited them most was becoming husband and wife and celebrating alongside their friends and family (which included two grandfathers - ages 93 and 101!).

Now a year has flown by and this weekend marks their first wedding anniversary. Together, they are thrilled to celebrate by attending a friend's wedding. They are excited to bring back all the emotions and excitement from their own wedding day while getting to celebrate another couple saying I do to forever!

They have graciously taken the time to share a glimpse into their first year as husband and wife: The highs, the lows, and some of what they've learned as they embarked on this grand journey and undertaken a vast amount of change. Then relive their very own "I Do's" from their gorgeous wedding day last August! What has been the best part of your first year? Being married to our best friend. This year we have continued to grow as a couple and it has been filled with so much excitement; We bought our first house together and welcomed our black lab, Tucker, into our family. You can say a lot of “adulting” has taken place this year, but we would not want it any other way. We have loved our first year as a married couple and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us! Heres to the next 70 years!

What has the most surprising thing about marriage (good or bad)? We have learned that marriage is not perfect and there are always going to be plenty of ups and downs but it is definitely one of the greatest adventures there is. You come to realize disagreements are okay and there are going to be hard times, but you have to work through them together and come out as a stronger couple. Marriage definitely teaches you to listen more because there has to be input from both sides. Communication is key! What has been the most difficult part of being married? We never lived together until we were married so moving in with each other was an adjustment. You learn each others faults and need to be willing to adjust. We now look back at things and laugh because we eventually realized what is truly important and you cant sweat the small stuff. What's your favorite (or go to) date night? Anything from trying new restaurants, going to North Park with our dog or just staying at home watching Netflix and drinking wine. What has been the most helpful thing you've implemented or consistently do to help you stay connected? Always kiss each other good night and never go to sleep angry. Anything else (advice/insight/encouragement) you can share with other couples entering into marriage or already married? Marriage is hard work. It is a relationship where you must listen, have patience, forgive, compromise and respect each other. You most importantly need to remember the love that brought you together in the first place.


Getting Ready Location: Hotel Indigo Pittsburgh East Liberty Ceremony + Reception Venue: Longue Vue Club and Golf Course Hair Stylist/Make-Up Artist: Hannah Conard Beauty Florist: Hearts and Flowers Bridesmaids Dresses: Bari Jay Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse Cake: Oakmont Bakery, Inc DJ: Magic Moments DJ Service - Pittsburgh's Wedding DJ Photographer: Ryan Zarichnak Photography Cinematographer: Dorosh Documentaries

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