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Schenley Park Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer | Luke + Shannon


Luke and Shannon are officially tying the knot next summer. They were fortunate to be connected via mutual friends, and while it may not have been love at first sight, they are certainly a match made in Heaven.

They are both fun, beautiful, hard working, determined people. On top of working full time, Luke owns his own car detailing business! Shannon is an incredibly talented stylist (which is quite evident any time you see her :) When she isn't busy at the salon, she makes time to assist Luke with his business.

He has always had a love for cars. Years ago, right around the time he met Shannon, he had just invested in a brand new car (Unfortunately, I'm terrible with cars and can't remember for the life of me what it was - but let's just say it was NICE!). He happened to drive it out one night when meeting up with a group of friends. As the night wound down, he offered Shannon a ride home. She took him up on that offer. Unfortunately, the night had gotten the better of her and she was feeling terrible. So terrible that she was pretty certain that she was going to be sick. Just the thought of that made Luke's stomach drop. He was rightfully concerned for the well being of his brand spankin new car. By the grace of God, they made it to Shannon's home and no damage was done. Thankfully, because Luke notes that had things gone differently, their relationship likely would have ended then and there.

Nazari and I had the pleasure of meeting up with them a few months ago to grab coffee. They had us laughing so hard we were in tears. Time flew by and we truly did not want the night to end. The evening of their engagement session was no different. It was a perfect summer evening (okay, it was HOT!) But they were champs as we hiked through Schenley Park and alllllll of the stairs that come along with that venture. Even their dog, Carlos, joined us and brought lots of personality and fun, characteristics that go hand in hand with this pair.

Congratulation Luke and Shannon! We cannot wait to share in your celebration and document your wedding day next June! :)


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