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Pennsylvania Wedding Videographer | David + Victoria | Three Years In Review

Today, David and Victoria are celebrating THREE years of marriage. These two entrusted us to capture their wedding day back when our small business was just a baby. (They were our third wedding!) The real kicker is that I was both a bridesmaid, AND Nazari's assistant shooter (which made for some fun cameos). Needless to say, it was a whirlwind of a day.

Their wedding day was full of personal and heartfelt touches. You can read more about allllll of the creativity and manpower that went into that here. But it was all worth it as the day came together beautifully. Since then, Victoria has broadened the skills she learned planning her own wedding and become a wedding cake baker, a wedding photographer, AND a wedding planner, all on top of her full time job. She also squeezes in leading worship at church, singing in an A cappella group and still finding time to travel the world with her husband.

In his vows, David told his bride, "I promise to never let us lose our spark and to always keep things spontaneous and fun." They have been fighting for each other, keeping true to their vows, and having a blast for the past 1095 days. You can watch the highlight from their DIY Gilbrook Farm wedding day below, and read more about what they have learned throughout the past three years together as a married couple!


What has been the best part(s) of marriage?

Getting to wake up and hang out with your best friend. Having a true partner in life, knowing they always have your back (in good times and bad). For example - if you lose your job, decide to change careers, or hurt your back and can't tie your shoes. On the other side of things, getting to travel together, buying a house, spending holidays together, getting to see the other person grow and being proud of their accomplishments and feeling like you've contributed to their success.

What has the most surprising thing about marriage?

Sometimes we're surprised by how often we still want to hang out ALL THE TIME, we must like each other or something? As we get older we are starting to enjoy doing different things like projects on the house or game nights with friends instead of a night out at the bar. What has been the most difficult part of being married?

How often we miscommunicate AND it's always on the little things. Just like that book don't sweat the small stuff, its all small stuff. You need to constantly be in tune to what the other person needs and don't ever get to phone it in. Marriage is hard work but not necessarily the type we thought it would be as it always seems to be the small issues, not the big stuff (we actually align pretty well on the big stuff). What has helped you to overcome or work through said difficulty?

Learning how to communicate our feelings and thoughts to each other ahead of time or trying to react in the appropriate manner (often reacting in a blow up fight before learning how to react the right way). Listening, learning how to react and think in a more constructive manner ( via counseling) and always talking through it.

What's your favorite (or go to) date night?

Usually a double date out with friends at a BYOB restaurant in Philly (we like to try new places)! How have you continued to pursue each other since your wedding?

Always try to look better for the other person, staying fit, dressing well when we go out, catering to the other person's wants/needs and maintaining regular intimacy. What has been the most helpful thing you've implemented or consistently do to help you stay connected?

We cook together and then watch our TV shows together. It sounds stupid but its our little ritual and it's nice. We also often cuddle and talk before we go to sleep about our day or the future or reminisce about past memories relevant to the times. We both love to travel and plan at least one trip abroad a year which is always a crazy whirlwind but we have great bonding and learning experiences, and stories to tell. Is there anything that you wish you would have known before going into marriage?

Not really, we love being married and wouldn't trade it for the world. It has been an adventure like all of our others and we are happy to be in it together. We have seen other marriages fail and because of that have committed to always staying connected, communicating with each other, making financial (and other big) decisions together, and are determined to fight for each other every day (even if she leaves all the cabinets open and he leaves his shoes all over the floor). Our goal is to make each other better and to encourage each other all the time, if we've stopped doing that we have failed.

Anything else (advice/insight/encouragement) you can share with other couples entering into marriage or already married?

The little things count whether they're good or bad. Bad things can cause resentment that builds into something insurmountable without being addressed. Good things help build each other up and create a foundation for great things to come. We need to do it more than at meal times and in hard times but praying together is a great way to remain vulnerable, honest, and close to the one who wanted us to be together in the first place.

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