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Strip District Engagement Photographer | Kevin + Rachael


Rachael is a very talented aesthetician who works Stonewater Salon and Spa. Throughout her years working there, she had become great friends with the salon owners, who just so happened to be great friends of Kevin as well. As they got to know Rachael, they just knew that she and Kevin would make a great pair. They approached each of them separately to mention the idea of a set up and gauge their interest. Kevin was on board right away. Unfortunately, Rachael was a little more apprehensive, and declined the matchmaking.

The catch? Kevin knew where Rachael worked. So he began to come to the salon for hair cuts. Every two weeks he would make an appointment and talk with Rachael while she cut his hair. It took FIVE hair cuts to finally break her down. But after all of those weeks of conversation and getting to know him, she finally agreed to go out with him, and has never looked back.

Upon dating for awhile, they combined their lives and relocated to the Cork Factory in the Strip District. It is where they shared their first home, and where they lived when they got engaged. This cultural part of Pittsburgh is very near and dear to their hearts and served as the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos!

Kevin and Rachael make such an incredible pair. They make each other laugh. They both have a passion for their shared faith and are very involved in their local church. They adore caring for their three rescue chihuahuas. They are kind. They are fun. They are original. And they are so excited to officially tie the knot at their winter wedding this upcoming January! We cannot wait to capture the momentous celebration in just a few months! Congratulations to a beautiful couple :)



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