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Justin + Liz: A Year In Review | Pittsburgh Wedding Videographer | Heinz History Center

The summer before Liz and Justin's freshman year of college at Penn State, a friend request was sent that would forever change their lives. That request turned into back and forth messaging, which led to an an in person meet up at PSU. It was love at first sight, at least for Justin :) And it is no wonder.

Liz is the kind of girl who stops traffic. Literally. On their wedding day, the local police shut down a portion of Knob Road in the North Hills for Liz, so that she and Justin could have photos done at one of her favorite spots. It was straight out of a fairytale. But so was every single other magical piece of their September wedding day.

Liz and Justin are the real deal. They share the kind of love that dreams are made of and novels are written about. They are the most enthusiastic, intentional, kind hearted, hard working, and fun humans. The consensus around them is unanimous - they are perfect for one another and compliment each other's strengths in an unparalleled manor.

We were beyond privileged to capture their love as they emphatically embarked on the grand adventure of life together as husband and wife ONE YEAR AGO! Being around them, you cannot help but fall more in love with life and love. Rewatch the highlight of their wedding below and we assure you, you'll be on cloud nine for days!

We are so blessed that these two took the time to share a glimpse into this past year of life as a married pair. Read below to learn what Liz (L) and Justin (J) have learned, what they love, and what helps them stay connected amidst the busy-ness of day to day life.

Happy Anniversary to one extraordinary couple <3


The best part of marriage:

J: Not having to plan a wedding. Participating in the anniversary dance at other weddings.

L: Waking up every day knowing I have a partner to tackle life with!

The most surprising thing about marriage:

J&L: How soon people except you to pop out kids. We've spent so many years leading up to our wedding that we haven't enjoyed a lot of time for just us. This past year was filled with weddings of our friends, so we're hoping to travel next year. We need some time as a couple before we submit to the pressure of offspring!

The most difficult part of being married:

J&L: Trying to coordinate time for ourselves amidst our life plans. We have trouble turning down invitations from friends and family.

What has helped you to overcome or work through said difficulty:

We try to get creative and "date on a dollar." Whether that be a BBQ and fire out back or a movie on demand, we try to keep it personal to the things we've always loved together and minimized distractions. We also try to walk together with the pup almost daily as our 30-60 minutes of us time.

Favorite date night:

A walk with our dog at North Park, followed by sushi and a drink at Empire Palace at the bar, and home to watch a movie. Okay, sometimes we stop at Bruster's on the way home...

How you've continued to pursue each other since your wedding

J: We've been "pursuing each other" for 9 years now and i still enjoy taking you on dates to somewhere casual (sushi Friday nights at the bar) or nice (Narcissi/downtown). Probably could do a little more on the surprise flowers and traditional things, but I think we find other ways to stay active/connected to grow our relationship (hikes in new parks, shop together at random markets, include each other on house improvement/design)..maybe not your standard "date" options, but things that every adult needs to do and that every couple should do together (vs. doing things individually and growing apart)

E: Outside of the true pursuit, I think we try to keep things light and lovey. We try to write/leave notes for each other. Buy a favorite treat/snack for the other which we normally do not indulge in. Try to never go to bed without a goodnight kiss. Justin is the best dance partner at weddings and parties, so that has been fun over the last 12 months!

The most helpful thing that helps you stay connected:

J&E: weekly massages/movie night + walks with pup

What you wish you would have known before going into marriage:

J: How to cut costs for a wedding

E: Ask me again in 50 years! Hahah

Justin + Liz's advice/insight/encouragement:

J: Find your best friend before your lover. It's better to be a teammate than a companion. Continue to share responsibilities. Never give up doing things for each other "just because"

E: Make your spouse your #1 in all aspects of life. Continue to treat each day as your first date and a clean slate. Encourage and support your significant other to be the best person they can be, and surround yourself with positive, healthy relationships.


Thank you Liz and Justin, for sharing your life and experience thus far! You guys are amazing.

We are so grateful for the transparency above. The beautiful reminder to not take for granted the simple perks of doing life together.

What is something Justin and Liz have shared that stands out to you?

Is there anything they've done that you'd like to try in your own relationship?

How do you carve out time weekly or monthly to make sure you are staying connected with your spouse and fighting the pull to co-exist?


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