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Pittsburgh Wedding Videography | Lenny + Sara | Pittsburgh Marriott North

"My heart skips beats just writing today. It has never steered me wrong. And I know every day, but especially today, that it beats faster because it has been shared with you."

"There are no words to even describe your beauty. Your bright smile lights up a room in my heart. Your shining eyes make me remember every time I've looked at you, and I fall in love all over again."

If you can believe it, these are not lyrics from a famous love song. Nor are they excerpts from a book of love sonnets. These words were written by Lenny on the morning of his wedding day to his bride, Sara, whom he calls his closest confidant, secret keeper, playmate, google buddy, rock and best friend.

Has your heart melted yet? The good news is there is more of where that came from as the highlight of Lenny and Sarah's wedding day is live today!

I had the incredible pleasure of working with Sara when we were both in our final year of undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh and vividly recall her talking about a boy she adored named Lenny.

As it turns out, Sara had officially met Lenny following her freshman year of college when they both found themselves working in the customer service department at Best Buy. Lenny happened to be there and introduced himself as 'Len' (a name he never goes by!) As he would later write to her on their wedding day, "She walked into my life through sliding glass doors nine years ago and made a change in me that no one else ever could." However, that first day, Sara just assumed he was a good bit older than her and didn't think much of their meet cute. (Aside from taking notice of how cute he was :)

As they worked alongside one another throughout the summer, Sara discovered he was actually a year younger than her and would be attending the University of Pittsburgh that Fall! They ended up rooming in dorms across the street from one another while at Pitt which led them to hanging out more and more - just as friends at first.

As time passed, it became evident that they weren't meant to be just friends. Their relationship slowly and subtly evolved from a deep friendship to a once in a lifetime love story.

Upon graduation, Lenny was offered a job in Virginia. Sara uprooted her life in Pittsburgh and went there alongside them. They both started fresh with new jobs in a new state and have since planted roots there together as their lives have become completely intertwined. The tagline 'Virginia is for Lovers' is spot on for this pair.

As their best man stated on their wedding day, "They have a love that is unmatched. They are two people who like to half each others sorrows and double each other's joys."

Their entire wedding day was a joyous celebration of the beautiful love they share. There is no question that their two souls were truly created for each other. It is an unparalleled privilege in life to see someone who adores a person with their whole being have those feelings reciprocated. We are so excited for all of the adventures God has in store for your life together, Mr. and Mrs. Caric. Congratulations, and keep inspiring the world with your love!


Wedding + Reception Venues: Pittsburgh Marriott North

Hair Stylist: Kreations Hair Studio - Jennifer Grossman

Make-Up Artist: Makeup Design by Lyndsie Hinch​

Bridal Shoes: Audrey Brooks

Bridesmaids Dresses: David Bridal

Menswear: Men's Wearhouse - Joseph Abboud

Cake: Tin Man Sweets

DJ: Modern Era - Mike Willis

Photographer: Evermark Studios

Cinematographer: Dorosh Documentaries

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