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Downtown Pittsburgh Wedding Videographer | Nick + Jenna | Two Years In Review

"Freedom and love go together. Love is not a reaction. If I love you because you love me, that is a mere trade, a thing to be bought in the market; it is not love. To love is not to ask anything in return, not even to feel that you are giving something - and it is only such love that can know freedom."

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

Nick and Jenna just celebrated two years of marriage! You may remember these two from their epic first date in Vegas, or their perfect downtown Pittsburgh surprise proposal followed by the dreamiest urban wedding. (If you missed it, you can read about that here!)

Together these two have restored a charming home in the Northside, parent their beloved pup, Charlie (who even made a guest appearance at their wedding!), enjoy exploring new cities (and being tourists in their own city - Pittsburgh!), cross-fitting, and growing their businesses.

This past year took Jenna on a 6 month work assignment to England! As she is finishing up her season abroad, Nick ventured across the pond so they could celebrate two years of marriage together traveling in Holland and Belgium. While epic travel adventures are certainly a perk of life in another country, long distance is never an easy thing.

Before meeting Nazari, I always had the notion that I would spend time living in another country to do nursing work. Life certainly looks differently now, and to be honest, I don't know that that is even something I want anymore. Yet sometimes there is still sadness at the reality that living a broad will likely never be something I do.

When I shared this with Naz, he looked me in the eyes, and said, "Lis. If you want to go abroad...If you want to live somewhere else or go anywhere, to do anything, I want you to know you are absolutely free to do that."

Say what?! His comments took me by surprise. Being married and rooted in Pittsburgh, it seemed like other options were off the table. But as he so often does - Nazari exemplified a radical, selfless love that said I want you to be fulfilled. To keep growing. To chase any and all of your dreams. And even though it might be REALLY tough - we can make it work. (Side note: I have no plans to move cross country, nor could I be any happier working alongside of him. BUT - the epitome of freedom in love exemplified was liberating!)

Often there is the notion that when we get married, it is the end of our freedom. Or that our life of fun and adventure is "over". We have found again and again that that belief could not be further from the truth. And from the moment we met Nick and Jenna, they have been living proof of this. We are so inspired by their passion and drive for life, for their careers, and especially for one another.

Read below to find more about Nick and Jenna's past two years as husband and wife, and how they took a "negative" of living across the world from one another - and used it as an opportunity to grow personally, and as a couple.


The best part of marriage:

While we dated for years and always felt "married" now that we are officially married there is definitely a difference. It's calming to know you've got your best friend and support structure with you everyday. It's fun to think and talk about our next chapter in life and what we are going to do to have fun and support each other. The most surprising thing about marriage:

We didn't think much would change because we had been together for 7 years prior to getting married. however we are surprised at how going through the marriage ritual/ceremony/process makes you feel that much closer. it is an extra layer of commitment on top of how committed we already were to each other. and you are treated/viewed differently by other people when you are married versus when you are dating/engaged. you are seen as a more mature relationship and as more mature people. The most difficult part of being married:

The most difficult part of marriage for us so far is that Jenna took a 6 month job assignment in England, so we became long distance for the first time in our relationship. but if anything, that helped us grow even closer as a couple. we both had a lot of time to reflect on how important the other person is to us, on our goals, on our dreams, and to think about how we can each improve individually and as a married couple. so we took a "negative" and made the most of it, and it helped us grow closer together. What has helped work through that difficulty:

It's helped that we each think about the other person's interests first. Before we think about our own needs and wants we are focusing on each other. We are both willing to make sacrifices for each others happiness and success. Favorite date night:

There are so many but we would say:

1. Finding a new place or experience in the City...being "tourists" in Pittsburgh.

2. Ordering Nicky's Thai Kitchen and eating it outside on the back porch with our pup, Charlie. How you've continued to pursue each other since your wedding:

Through little things: doing chores that the other person hates, making each other breakfast or dinner, setting up unexpected small dates, sending funny snapchats and texts, and being mindful of creating our own family traditions. The most helpful thing you consistently do to stay connected:

Using snapchat to send each other funny pictures and entertain each other. Encouragement for other couples:

Put each other first. Talk and ask questions...just because you've been together for several years and spend several hours together everyday doesn't mean you know everything about the other person. Ask them about their hopes, dreams, and other things. Also, continue to date each other.

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