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Melon Park Engagement Photographer | Charlie + Heather


Charlie and Heather are getting married! While they have been dating for only a couple of years, their history goes wayyyy back. Each of their families have a very close mutual friend, the Nicklas' (whom we too are blessed to know and love!! And whose daughter's wedding we got to document back in 2014!) From growing up in the same school district and same home church, their families have had memories intertwined for years!

For the past five years, Charlie has lived and worked in Columbus, Ohio. He works for Honda- which means he is traveling to Japan, Canada, and other states often. A few Christmases ago, Charlie was home visiting family and friends for the holidays. One night, he found himself talking with Heather until the wee hours of the morning (4am!!). He thought to himself, if we have that much to talk about that we can stay up the entire night, it is undoubtedly a relationship worth pursuing to see if there is something there."

So pursuing one another they did. And it's a good thing, too, as they are SUCH a beautiful match!

They make each other laugh, they challenge one another, and they both love Jesus!

While both working full time, planning a wedding, AND dating longing distance, Heather is also completing her master's degree! They still find time to enjoy the best parts of being engaged like starting a registry and choosing a bakery ;) And they take as many breaks as possible to go rock climbing - one of their favorite activities to do together!

These two certainly have to be creative to spend time together and are looking forward to March when their home base will align as they start their life together as husband and wife in Ohio. What a blessing it has been getting to know these two amazing people! Enjoy perusing their beautiful love on a glorious Fall Day at Melon Park! Congratulations Charlie and Heather, we cannot wait for March!!


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