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Pittsburgh Wedding Videographer | Bryan + Sarah | A Year In Review

As Physician Assistant in the ER, Sarah doesn't have the luxury of many weekends off of work. So when one comes up, it's imperative to make it count. Last August, Sarah decided to take advantage of an upcoming weekend off of work and plan a surprise getaway for her boyfriend, Bryan. The hotel was booked, the dinner reservations made, and off to Erie they went.

Their first morning away, they got up early for a 7am bike ride, something they love to do together. After riding for awhile, they pulled off by the beach and walked toward the water to dip their feet in the lake. Sarah's toes hit the cool liquid as she looked around and took it all in. While the view was spectacular, it was not the element that left her speechless. As she turned, she found Bryan on one knee, with a beautiful ring, asking that she be his forever.

At their wedding, we had the privilege of sitting near Sarah's family who flew in from out of town. Due to schedules, it was quick trip that allowed them to be there just over a day. They told us that is was never a question of IF they would make it. They all knew they had to be there. Because Sarah is literally the kindest, best person they know. That opinion was shared by everyone in attendance and something we found to be the absolute truth.

It's hard to believe that a year has flown by since their I Do's on the perfect Fall day last October. Just after tying the knot, they closed on a new home in Mars, PA. Between working, family time, and all the demands of day to day life, they've been settling in and making it their own. Just recently, Bryan BUILT Sarah a new gazebo in their yard (with electricity including twinkle lights), a picnic table, and a wood stacker! "I didn't even ask for it. He just did it to make me smile."

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to the most kind hearted, genuine, selfless, absolutely in love humans! We couldn't be happier for you two and are so blessed by your love for one another. Keep reading to catch a glimpse into their first year as husband and wife, then relive the highlight of their glorious Fall wedding day, below!


What has been the best part(s) of marriage?

Being with someone you love and knowing that they love you just as much, if not more:) What has the most surprising thing about marriage?

Having a partner that sticks by you no matter what and is always supportive of you What has been the most difficult part of being married?Different work schedules and expectations causing conflict What has helped you to overcome or work through said difficulty? -

Communicating well together through conversations and praying together What's your favorite (or go to) date night? -

Getting a Hammer's ice cream and going for a midnight ride (aka evening ride) throughout our local area and neighborhoods How have you continued to pursue each other since your wedding? -

Trying to do nice things for each other/ acts of service such as making dinner for the other one, doing laundry, building gazebos etc ;) What has been the most helpful thing you've implemented or consistently do to help you stay connected?

Always communicate with each other! Whether it's phone calls, text, emails, or conversations in person Is there anything that you wish you would have known before going into marriage?

Limit your expectations to avoid conflict! Anything else (advice/insight/encouragement) you can share with other couples entering into marriage or already married?

Enjoy every minute of it! while some days it takes effort, it is soooo worth it and it is such a blessing :)


Ceremony + Reception Venue: Greystone Fields Officiant: John C. Reilly DJ: Kelli Burns DJ Entertainment Florist: Kocher's Flowers & Greenhouses Wedding Dress: White Orchid Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal Suits: Men's Wearhouse Invitations: Minted MakeUp: Buzzy Beauty Photographer: Buzzy Photography Cinematographer: Dorosh Documentaries

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