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North Shore and Point State Park Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer | Tyler + Megan

Tyler and Megan got together and started dating alllll the way back in HIGH SCHOOL! They were both swimmers on their school's swim team and they have been together ever since! (That puts their relationship at over a decade! :)

Megan now works as a teacher, and Tyler in IT. Just a few years ago, they bought their first house - a real life fixer upper. So much so that their family thought they were absolutely insane. They completely gutted the place and have been working tirelessly in their free time to renovate it from the ground up (while living there!). But the fruits of their labor have been successful, as they have a beautiful renovated home and are handy to boot. Together they look forward to their next restoration project!

I always suggest having the engagement session at somewhere that means a lot to the couple - where they met, had their first date, first kiss, etc. Megan was quick to say that their roots were not the place for a photo shoot as she did not want to return to her high school, a swimming pool, or be wearing a bathing suit or hard hat. Fair enough ;)

But thanks to their all the life they have shared together, we ended up having difficulty narrowing down the location for their shoot. They have deep ties to Oakland, specifically the University of Pittsburgh:

Tyler and Megan are both alumnus, as are both of their moms. Not only that but Tyler's grandfather is dean emeritus of the school of education! They hold season tickets to for Pitt Football and rarely miss a game! With Naz working for Pitt, and me being a Pitt alum myself, we were thrilled to learn this!

In addition to their strong affiliation with Pitt, Tyler actually just completed his Master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University this past summer! (and boy are they thrilled that his schedule is finally freeing up!) These are just some of the many reasons they wanted to have their wedding in Oakland next summer and why Pittsburgh made the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos.

For their engagement shoot, we were gifted with the most glorious Fall day (that felt like summer!) and had a blast walking around the North Shore and Point State Park. Tyler and Megan have such a strong partnership, make an incredible team and truly march to the beat of their own drum. We could not be more excited for their Pittsburgh wedding next summer! Congratulations to an amazing couple!! <3

couple dipping and kissing in front of the fountain at Point State Park at dusk
couple sharing a moment during a romantic sunset at the point in downtown Pittsburgh

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