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Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer | North Park | Cookie + Cory

When two of the greatest humans you've ever known are expecting their first baby, your heart just might explode. These two just celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary and in just ONE month, they will welcome their first child to their family.

I met these two over SEVEN years ago while on a mission trip to Nicaragua. Upon returning to Pittsburgh, Cookie and I became inseparable. We decided that we had to assure that our significant others (who at the time were only boyfriend and fiance) became best friends too. We set them up on a blind date at Panera and they ended up sharing coffee and conversation for HOURS. It was safe to say, our plan had worked!

Since that fateful day we've been in each others weddings. And bible studies. We've seen one another through countless moves and job changes. We've laughed and cried. A lot. :) And as much as life has changed over the years, these friends have been a beautiful constant.

A couple of years ago, Nazari and I were training for the Pittsburgh marathon. These two cheered us on through all of the long runs and tough training days. They prayed over our sore, injured bodies. And come marathon day - they actually mapped out the course to determine the maximum amount of points they could get to along the course. They dashed all over the city, practically doing a marathon themselves. And at SEVEN stops, they could be found loudly cheering us on, huge signs in hand and somehow STILL managed to be there to greet us at the finish line with open arms.

That story so beautifully illustrates the way these two live life. Because it wasn't just the marathon where they showed up to cheer us on like that. And it's not just us that they love in that extravagant way. It's everyone. And in all aspects of their lives. These two show up. They listen. And they genuinely care. Everyone in the world deserves a Cookie and Cory in their life.

I had the privilege of documenting their glorious baby bump recently at North Park. The session fell on an overcast and rainy day. But just as we got started, the rain stopped, and the sun peaked through the clouds. No doubt God was smiling down on their sweet babe, and blessing us with the gift of warm sunshine.

Their little guy is already so loved and cared for. These two will truly be the most wonderful parents. And because of their love, grace, wisdom and faith, there is no doubt that this child will help make the world a better place. Congratulations, Millers! We LOVE you guys and cannot wait to meet your new addition in the coming weeks! <333


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