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Mellon Park Engagement Photography | Garrett + Melissa


Six years ago, after meeting during their first few weeks of their freshman year of college at Slippery Rock University, Garrett and Melissa became Facebook friends. But it didn't take long for them to go from being "Facebook friends", to actual friends, to best friends.

Over the last six years, they have shared a lot of adventures and a lot of laughs together. This past spring they went on one of their most memorable adventures yet. Garrett has a good friend, Luke, who had recently moved to Utah, so Garrett and Melissa planned their first trip out west!

They started their journey in Vegas, and then headed to Utah to round out their vacation. Since they were staying with a good friend, they were fortunate to have a built in tour guide who knew all the best spots. They spent some time in Zion National Park, where Luke led them to a seriously epic lookout.

With all the sightseeing, Melissa was sure to pack her nice Canon camera to get good photos of the breathtaking scenery surrounding her. While admiring the beauty, Luke asked if Melissa would show him how to use the camera. Thinking nothing of it, she gave him a quick overview.

He hung back "messing around" with the camera while Garrett and Melissa walked out to a more prime spot on the lookout. Suddenly, Garrett surprised Melissa by kneeling and pulling out a rock he had been carrying with him that put their surroundings to shame. Melissa emphatically agreed to spend forever by his side, all the while their good friend was in the background, capturing the whole thing on camera!

Garrett had even snagged some champagne while in Vegas that he had packed for this hike. They grabbed it out of their packs to toast to their engagement, but the top gave missy a little trouble, and she got champagne all over her new ring. She notes it's been a running joke, so they were excited to incorporate champagne into their engagement photos!

Garrett and Melissa are two of the most thoughtful, creative, and clearly cutest people ever. Melissa is an incredibly talented graphic designer (Check out her work at melissa hubans : graphic design). She mentioned that as soon as she said yes to Garrett's proposal, her second thought was how excited she was to design her wedding stationary :) Stay tuned for some EPIC work surrounding the countdown to their wedding day next Fall. For now, enjoy Garrett and Melissa's Mellon Park engagement photos and congratulations to an amazing pair <3


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