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Pittsburgh Family Photographer | The DeLucas


I had the tremendous honor a few weeks ago of spending the morning with the DeLuca family: Anthony, Hollie and their three amazing children!

Hollie is the kind of person that truly brightens up your day just by being there. She has an energy and optimism that is contagious and a smile that lights up the room. I had the pleasure of working with her a couple of years ago at a functional medicine clinic and any days that she was in the office were always the most fun. Working together, I vicariously got to know her husband and three adorable children through her stories, and the photos on her office bulletin board.

When she reached out to ask about having this year’s family photos taken , I was ecstatic. We decided to use the trails around Gilfillan Farms as the backdrop for their morning session and were blessed with absolutely perfect weather as the sun warmly rose up over the treetops. The DeLuca family mini van pulled up and suddenly the day was filled with life.

The kids had been prepped for this first adventure of what was to be a grand day ahead. First photos, then church, and then a Steelers game AT Heinz Field (I was a little envious)! It would be the first game for the middle son, and the fourth for the elder. Lydia, the youngest, would instead be headed to a sleep over at her grandma’s and she was JUST as excited about that, if not more, than the boys were about the game – which shows that she was PRETTY excited :)

It’s hard to beat that as a reward for an hour of smiling for family photos ;) Even better, at the end of the photo shoot, the kids discovered that a stop at Duck Donuts was also on the day’s agenda. While the incentives were a wise move on the part of Hollie and Anthony to keep the morale up – it was truly just icing on the cake of an already fun morning with an amazing couple and their three extraordinary kiddos.

We had a blast walking the trails around the farm, playing in the leaves, and talking about the kid’s upcoming Halloween costumes. We even managed to sneak in a few photos here and there :)

Enjoy perusing a glimpse into their fun family session, and thank you to the DeLucas for entrusting me to capture this year's memories!


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