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Historic Beaver Engagement | Patrick + Sarah

Patrick and Sarah met one another all the way back in high school choir class when Sarah was just a freshman, and Patrick was the epitome of the very cool, older senior. She remembers him being in class goofing off with his friends. While they new of each other, their interaction didn't extend beyond the class they shared.

The following year, Sarah became friends with Patrick's sister. Because of this, she and Patrick began seeing more of one another, yet, their relationship remained entirely platonic. and that's the way it continued for YEARS.

Then, about three years ago, Patrick innocently wished Sarah 'Happy Birthday' on Facebook. He didn't think much of it. Nor did she, at first. But she thanked him for the well wishes and mentioned that they should catch up sometime. He agreed and suggested dinner at Olive Garden. They met up and talked for FOUR hours. It went so well - that they went ahead and planned their second date before even leaving their first.

The connection was undeniable. And just a year and a half in to dating, Patrick had planned a heartfelt, romantic, surprise proposal for the women he had no doubt he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Sarah is in charge of the choreography for her local high school's musicals (Which just so happens to be the high school where she and Patrick met!). Patrick got tickets for the opening and closing shows that weekend, but told Sarah he wouldn't make it to the show in between. Meanwhile - he was making plans with the production team to surprise Sarah in the best way. There was a scene from the show where he had fallen in love with the lighting and the epic way it popped on the stage.

Following the show's bows on the second night - the one that he "didn't" have tickets for - he had arranged for the production team to light the stage in just that way that he so adored. The show ended and people began to clear out. The stage was empty. Sarah's coworkers asked Sarah if before leaving for the night, she would go back out on the platform to "test the lighting".

She obliged and walked out to on the platform. Just as she reached center stage, Bruno Mars' amazing song - Just The Way You Are' - began playing over the speakers. She turned to investigate what was going on just in time to see Patrick walking out to meet her from back stage. He walked up to her, got down on one knee, and asked her to spend forever by his side. Needles to say, she was SO surprised, and ecstatically said "YES"!

Today on the blog - you get to not only check out the photos from their frigid, rainy, yet still magical engagement session in beautiful Historic Beaver, but you ALSO get to watch the video of their out of this world engagement (Link at bottom of the page :)! Congratulations to the sweetest, most creative, lovely couple! We cannot wait to capture your 'I Do's' next Fall!! :)


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