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Oakland/Convention Center Engagement Photography | Trevor + Abby

Ironically enough, I actually met Trevor and Abby this past year in almost the same exact way that I met Nazari! Back in the spring, I was debating back and forth on whether or not I should go to church. It was a Sunday morning and I was running late. Nazari was working the Steelers game that day - so if I decided to go, it would be solo. Despite being nearly 25 minutes late, I strangely felt that it was important to be there that day. So all alone, I went.

I grabbed some coffee and slipped in the back entrance, grabbing a seat at the end of a row near the door - aiming to be as inconspicuous as possible. As church ended, I began talking to the couple in front of me. It turns out, they were newly engaged, brand new to Pittsburgh, and had only been to Northway a handful of times! Adjusting to a new city and hardly knowing anyone is tough! I told them about our couple's bible study, they started coming, and the rest is history! They are two of the coolest, kindest and most intelligent people you could ever come across. It was a friendship that was meant to be!

But enough about me ;) Trevor and Abby met while both attending undergrad at Wooster College in Ohio. They were introduced by mutual friends who told them they HAD to meet one another because they were the male/female version of the other! When they finally did meet - they discovered that their friends were absolutely correct. The similarities were uncanny. While they enjoyed each other's company, things remained platonic - all the way up until they would be parting ways for the foreseeable future. At that point, they decided it would be silly to begin a relationship that would inevitably be long distance. But they quickly realized it would be much sillier to not give being in a relationship a real shot.

And so began a long distance relationship worth fighting for. They have both lived all over: From Indiana, to Ohio, to D.C. and many places in between. Trevor landed himself in Pittsburgh to study Chemistry post grad, (and has plans to pursue patent law after obtaining his masters degree!). Abby knew that she, too, would go to grad school, and figured it only made sense to look in Pittsburgh as well - so that the two of them could finally live in the same city again. They ended up getting engaged here, and come December, will share their first home here as they embark on life as husband and wife.

These two were literally made for each other. They are on a different level of intelligence (and we literally get smarter every time we hang out with them!). They are kind. They are so much fun. And they are head of heals in love with one another. Because their wedding date is SO soon, rescheduling their engagement session was not an option. So we braved the Pittsburgh elements on a very cold and nonstop rainy afternoon, and still managed to keep dry, warm (ish) and have a blast!

Congratulations to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.! <3 We cannot wait to document your Indiana wedding in just a few weeks!!


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