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The One Small Change That Can Make a HUGE Difference In Your Relationship

Recently one of my good friends shared that she and her family were hanging out at home. On this particular day, she had spent some extra time on her appearance and was feeling especially pretty. She kept waiting for her husband to notice and comment about how she looked and the effort she was making. But he said nothing. He seemed oblivious. Did he even notice her at all anymore?

Finally, she couldn't take it any longer. "Don't you think I look nice?" she asked him.

Seemingly caught off guard by her question, he replied, "Of course. You're beautiful. I already told you that!"

"No, you didn't," she stated.

He thought for a moment and then coyly said, "Well, I sure was thinking it!"

To which she reasonably noted, "Well, I can't hear your thoughts."

This story resonated with me so strongly. I am often surprised by how much of life we live inside our own heads. It's easy to thinks something positive or affirming about another person (especially our spouse) but never actually communicate it TO them. It's easy to think they already "know" that we think they are smart, hard working, attractive, hilarious, etc.

But I for one need a CONSTANT reminder of this. We have a million voices telling us that we aren't enough. We aren't attractive. We need to be doing more. So when the person who knows us best reminds us that they see us. They choose us. They think we are attractive, or intelligent. And they appreciate the work we do. It is life CHANGING.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, but I encourage you not to wait until Wednesday to share with your significant other how incredible you think they are. Whenever you think it, speak it aloud to them. Leave a note for them. Send them a text message. Again and again and again. Because a little encouragement and appreciation goes such a long way.

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