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Pittsburgh Wedding Day | Our Favorite Wedding Memories


There are SO many incredible moments built into a wedding day. These are a few of our absolute favorite photos from our own wedding (almost SEVEN years ago!) I’m not even sure that I can pin point exactly why. But I’m prrreeeeetty certain it has to do with the raw emotion and genuine JOY captured in the moments ❤️❤️ . All in all, we have found that our all time favorite photos from our big day (that are also printed and hanging in our home) are almost all of totally candid moments:


1) Our Ceremony:


2) Our just married walk back down the aisle together: (SO. MUCH. JOY!)


3) Our ceremony exit:


4) Our reception entrance:


5) Our First Dance:


6) Our cake cutting! (Think we smashed it?! 😉)


6) A handful of portraits:


When editing weddings throughout the past few years, we have continually found our favorite moments tend to be the same ones for the couples we work with as well! . Because let’s be real, there are few things in life that parallel with that ‘Just Married’ high. Memories of that moment captured ooze with elation and it’s almost always our favorite part of the day! . That got us to thinking, of the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of wedding photos you have, which images are YOUR favorite from your big day? Bonus points if you can post it in the comments!

(Or if you’re not married yet, which moments are you *most* excited about?!)

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