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Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer | North Park | Evan + Emmy

Evan and Emmy have A LOT going on in their life right now. After being stationed in Germany for three years, they finally returned to the US for orders in Virginia last summer. This sweet couple had been awaiting orders for where they would be sent next when they got word that they would be staying put in Virginia for the foreseeable future! With that, their house hunting venture led them straight to the decision to build a new home! So these two have been excitedly watching their home be built from scratch, from the ground up! They have also been watching something else grow from scratch: Emmy's picture perfect baby bump! These two are expecting their FIRST SON in under six weeks!

Come June, they will celebrate FOUR years of marriage, move into their new home, AND meet their sweet baby boy, Liam! And somehow, I was the fortunate one to get to spend a morning with them, running around North Park, documenting this MONUMENTAL season in their lives.

It was early. It was freezing. And the sun never even showed up to our sunrise session. All of these factors could have been a serious buzzkill. But that is not a possibility when you're hanging out with people like Evan and Emmy. These two are vibrant, joyous, hilarious, gracious, lovely and so, so genuinely kind, and I truly don't believe there is anything that could steal their joy.

Their sweet boy is already so loved. And the luckiest kiddo ever. His parents are sooo in love. And they make each other laugh and laugh. No doubt their kiddo is going to have the best sense of humor, and sweetest giggle.

As if these soon to be parents do not have enough on their plate, just last weekend, they found out the triathlon we had been training for was "only" an hour from where they lived, so they decided that they would love to come and cheer us on. We told them that was a sweet notion, but totally unnecessary and that was all the contact we had.

After a grueling 6.5+hours, Naz and I were spent. And to our dismay, the race had hardly any spectators, which made this already challenging event next to impossible mentally. But wouldn't you know it, as we are running up the hill to the finish (Yes, it was UP hill), who do we see in the distance but Evan and Emmy there, cheering us on, home made signs in hand! They took videos of each of us completing the race, and gave us just the boost we needed to be able to cross that finish line!

33 weeks pregnant with SO much going on in their lives, these two went out of their way to spend a day at a triathlon event, not knowing when we would finish, just waiting there so they could cheer us on. WHO DOES THAT?! Evan and Emmy. That's who! We were literally in tears at their kindness and their presence. These two bring light and love and joy everywhere they go, and we are so grateful for their wedding day almost four years ago that brought them into our lives!

We couldn't be happier or more excited for these two - and cannot wait to get parenting advice from them, as no doubt - they are gonna be the greatest parents on planet earth! Now enjoy perusing their sweet love, and their sweet little Liam baby bump :)

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