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Rate the Date: Rollerblading Pittsburgh

We are just weeks away from our SEVEN year anniversary trip to the California coast. While there is a long list of activities we are excited for, a big one is roller blading along the boardwalk! While we certainly don't need California to enjoy our rollerblades, we are excited to be in a spot where it's an activity that's a little more widely accepted.

Nazari and I actually both grew up roller blading as kids, and when we realized that we both enjoyed this recreational activity, we decided to register for our own set of skates for our wedding! While we have been laughed at more than once for this hobby of ours, that hasn't deterred us from breaking out the blades. We have rollerbladed everywhere from Pittsburgh, to Niagara Falls, to contracted video shoots! Fun fact: Nazari won't ever play basketball with me UNLESS he is on roller blades.

We wholeheartedly agree that rollerblading is completely underrated on the east coast and highly recommend giving it a shot!


  • Great exercise

  • You make great time getting around

  • It is so much fun

  • Gets you outdoors

  • It's free (once you have a pair of blades ;)


  • It hurts when you fall

  • It can be a little scary - especially if you aren't great at stopping which can take awhile to get the hang of (Here's a video with some pointers: How To Stop On Rollerblades)

  • Sometimes people laugh at you (which Nazari cares about zero percent and Lis cares about...a little more than that).

  • You have to own a pair of skates (we haven't found a place that offers rentals aside from indoor skating rinks).

Our favorite spots (that are mostly flat!) to roller blade around Pittsburgh include:

  • North Shore Riverwalk: You can begin around Heinz Field and follow the Three River Heritage Trail in either direction! If you veer off, or cross a bridge to venture to the point, just be wary that the bridges are steeper than they look!

  • Southside Trail: You can start by the UPMC Southside Sports Complex and go ALL the way to the Waterfront and the trail is nearly 100% flat for all of it! You can also venture across the Hot Metal Bridge and Head towards downtown.

  • North Park Loop: There is a paved 5 mile look around the lake. However, there are a few slopes where you pick up a lot of speed, so be wary if you struggle to stop!

  • South Hills South Park Trail: Head to the intersection of Corrigan Drive and 100 Acres Drive and there is a wonderful flat, paved path (and free parking!)

In addition to these outdoor spots, there are also some great staking rinks around Pittsburgh you can check out!

Overall Rating:

Naz: 10

Lis: 10 (maybe a 7 before I learned to stop ;) Knowing how to stop makes ALL the difference!

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