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Rate the Date: Skydiving

Some experiences in life leave you hooked, always coming back for more, while others are more of a one and done, cross it off your list type of deal.

I can't quite recall the first time I learned about the possibility of skydiving, but I do know it was some time as a teenager and I right away genuinely believed that as soon as I turned 18, I was absolutely, 100%, without a doubt going to go!

Well, the years 18 - 21 all came and went and no opportunity for skydiving had presented itself (plausibly related to the hefty pricetag paired with the lack of interest of others in my immediate circle). Nazari and I met when I was 20, and at some point while dating, I must have mentioned my dream of jumping out of an airplane.

For our one year anniversary [of dating], Nazari let me know that he wanted to be in charge of the planning and that I needn't worry about a thing. He informed me that I was to block the entire day on Friday, November 12 for the celebration.

He picked me up at my apartment in Oakland and we set off for a day of fun and surprises. The first stop? I'm sure by now you've guessed it: Skydive PA right in the heart of Grove City. I was shocked and elated. Upon our arrival, we watched a briefing on the ordeal and then signed our lives away (We skimmed the vernacular, as reading to closely definitely makes it tempting to back out). We were given orange jumpsuits to don over our clothes, and escorted to our little plane. (Emphasis on little!)

Our nerves increased proportionately as the aircraft increased in elevation. We couldn't believe we were really going to do this! Naz always recalls that he was hoping I would back out, so he'd have an excuse not to jump ;) But jump he did! He was the first to leave the plane, and my instructor told me that watching him eject out of the plane would be the worst part. He wasn't kidding!

Thankfully, with tandem skydiving, someone else is making all the decisions and initiating any action for you, which is a huge help when fear could easily paralyze you. The instructor assures you're in the correct positions, informs you when to jump, pulls the parachute, and orchestrates the landing. Essentially, all that we were left with to do was soak in and enjoy the exhilarating experience. And It. Was. Awesome!

We both cannot NOT smile when thinking back on the experience. Freefalling through the air is just an insane and unparalleled experience. While I would definitely do it again, I wouldn't be upset if that was my only time (while Nazari on the other hand never has any desire to relive the experience).

As much fun as each component of the day was, a definite high of the afternoon was being reunited on the ground, elated, and rehashing the insanity of what we had just done!

Little did I know that Nazari was carrying around a very special ring with him all day, and this wasn't even the main event he had in store. But it certainly started the day off on an epic foot, and easily made it a day we could never forget.




  • Exhilarating

  • Once in a Lifetime (For us)

  • Brave

  • Unforgettable


  • Expensive; Definitely a splurge date

  • Dangerous (well, if feels very dangerous)

  • Terrifying

  • Harnesses aren't the most comfortable thing


  • Cost: $239 per person

  • Must be at least 18

  • Weight limit is 230 pounds

  • What to wear: Closed-toe, secure shoes (no flip-flops or sandals) and comfortable clothing, (it is generally about 25 degrees cooler at jumping altitude, but they do provide jumpsuits to wear over your clothing.)

  • Photo/Video Documentation is an additional cost of $109.00 per person

  • Expect to spend 3-6 hours there (You can bring snacks and watch other jumpers!)

  • You can check out more great info by visiting Skydive PA

Overall Rating:

  • Naz - 5 (Because of how terrifying it is, and because of the extreme discomfort of the harness) 10 (Because it was a once in a life time experience, AND the day I got engaged!) So.... 7.5?

  • Lis - 10 (No complaints here :)

Skydiving is as epic as you can imagine, and definitely the perfect addition to any special event in your life. It's absolutely a splurge, but one that in our opinion is 100% worth it.

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