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Dan + Stephanie | Strip District and North Shore Engagement Session


Dan and Stephanie were both born and raised in the south hills of Pittsburgh. While they shared mutual friends, their paths didn't ever cross until just a few years ago when out to a random lunch on a random day at Primanti's in the Galleria.

Dan will never forget that day, that place, or the exact booth he was sitting in when he first met Stephanie. He recalls the conversation was so natural and he was captivated by her right away. It took a few months to work things out, but what is meant to be always finds a way.

When asked his favorite things about Stephanie, Dan didn't have to think long before answering, "She believed in me before I believed in myself."

There is no question these two were made for each other. Their love is as effortless as breathing. They make each other laugh, and laugh. And while they certainly have a ton of fun together, their is a rare depth to their relationship.

Dan shared that before dating Stephanie, he was in a very dark place, all but alienated from his family and contemplating dropping out of school. But after knowing each other for just a short time, Stephanie's influence and encouragement helped him to restore his relationship with his family, and persevere through school. They both encourage each other to be better, cheer each other on, and support one another's dreams.

They have supported one another as they cumulatively dealt with more loss in the past few years than most face in a lifetime. And in the midst of trial, their love has not only endured, but grown stronger.

They love cooking in together (Dan's an amazing chef!), hosting friends and family, and watching Penquin's games. Fun fact: They have never had a dinner and movie date!

For their engagement session, we got to run around our favorite city: dodging rain, laughing the night away and reveling in the beautiful fact that love changes lives. Congratulations to this amazing couple who ties the knot in the summer of 2019 - we cannot wait to celebrate with you!


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