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Surprise Erie Proposal | Seth + Audrey

Seth and Audrey are ENGAGED!!!! I had the privilege of driving to Erie to capture Seth popping the question and have never in my life seen such raw, genuine, all consuming joy manifested or love more vibrant than what I witnessed this past Sunday.

Seth knew pretty early into dating Audrey that he wanted to marry her. And by last Christmas, he was so certain that he began to put a plan in place. He started writing her letters. It was initially with one per month (in leui of the 12 days of Christmas) but then he began to give them to her faster. A proposal was far from Audrey's radar though, as she didn't foresee an engagement happening before December.

Beach 8 in Erie was Seth and Audrey's final stop in one heck of a weekend roadtrip. These two ventured to Kentucky, Ohio, Niagara Falls, and finally, Presque Isle! It was not their first time to this beach. They had a special evening there once before, where Seth asked Audrey (for probably the seventh time) to date him, and she actually said no!

Albeit nervous, he was pretty confident that this time, her answer to the question he had for her would be different.

The forecast was showing a high percentage of rain and thunderstorms all week. En route to Erie, the sky only grew more grey and ominous. But as the time approached Seth and Audrey's beach arrival, the skies began to clear, and there was not even a drop of rain.

This amazing couple strolled on the beach with a bag and blanket in tow, and settled into a cozy spot near the water. Seth pulled the letters he had been writing to Audrey out of his backpack, and as she read his penned words, he tried to stay composed. By this point, we were certain she HAD to know what was happening. But when she looked over at Seth, and saw him there, on his knee, with a ring box in his hand, this sweet girl lost it. She had NO IDEA!!!! He had managed to 1000% surprise her. With her hands to her face, and tears streaming from her starry eyes, the happiest girl I've ever seen wrapped her arms around the man she agreed then and there to spend forever alongside. Shortly thereafter, I kid you not, the sun popped out from behind the cloud covered sky and BEAMED directly on the two of them.

Could not be happier for this beautiful couple, who are undoubtedly MADE for each other. Congratulations Seth and Audrey, and thank you for the immense privilege of getting to witness, capture and share in what was quite plausibly the most extraordinary moment OF ALL TIME!

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