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Klein Immergrun Farm Wedding Photographer | Tucker + Michelle

Tucker and Michelle met at the perfect time in their lives, and as Michelle's sister noted in her incredible matron of honor speech, "It was as though the missing puzzle piece was finally found." Just a few years ago, Michelle's maid of honor, Lauren, went out to a Farm to Table dinner in Gibsonia with a bunch of friends. Someone there posted a photo on the internet, which Michelle happened to see. She saw a guy in the photo whom she didn't recognize (and who didn't happen to be sitting by girl). She immediately texted Lauren asking, "WHO is that guy sitting next to you?...and Is he single..?" Lauren responded that while she didn't know him super well, they did share good mutual friends, and she did in fact know that he was single. She saw to it that they were connected on Facebook, and she and Michelle began working to find a time they could meet when Michelle would be back to visit Pittsburgh from New York (where she was currently living at the time). Meanwhile, wouldn't you know it, Tucker's profile pops up on Michelle's Bumble! In disbelief, Michelle screenshots this uncanny coincidence to Lauren, who admittedly doesn't know what Bumble is, advises her to go for it! So, Tucker and Michelle both swipe right, which helps to speed up their connection. They begin talking on that platform, set up a date to meet for a drink when Michelle is back in town and completely hit it off! If you can believe it, Michelle was actually in the process of relocating back to Pittsburgh before meeting Tucker, a plan which seemed to seal their fate completely. Once back in the 'Burgh, their lives become completely intertwined. And it wasn't long before Tucker was planning a proposal that included his favorite place, both of their families, and the perfect throwback to how their story began. They went to an amazing golf course, grabbed some drinks and a golf cart and ventured toward the picturesque 18th hole. At the end of this very special date Tucker played a video slideshow he had made for Michelle. The last slide had that first text from Bumble photoshopped at the end which was the perfect segway into a heartfelt proposal. Michelle emphatically said "Yes!" and they celebrated the rest of the night surrounded by family. They were the 20th couple to tie the knot at Klein Immergrun, the renowned and beloved "Farm" that has been in Michelle's family since 1965. Michelle's grandparents vision for this summer estate has been brought to life over the years, as it now serves as a magical destination for their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and friends to getaway and celebrate special occasions, including getting MARRIED! Enjoy the peak into this fairytale day, celebrating impeccable timing and a very special love story! Congratulations to the newlyweds, and thank you for the joy of coming to the Farm to capture your momentous day! <333

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