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Our Run-In With the Shoe Game

Believe it or not, this wedding last summer was our very first experience with the shoe game! Immediately, we fell in love with how much fun it was for both the couple, and everyone in attendance. . Last month, Nazari and I were charged with coming up with our very own shoe game questions for our niece's wedding. We had a blast scheming up questions, so much fun in fact, that we decided we should play the game ourselves, with the questions we had just compiled. . Unfortunately, the more questions we got through, the higher the tension between us became. Turns out, Nazari believed me to have less friends, be messier, more competitive, more stubborn, less laidback, less funny, have stinkier feet, AND be more likely to start an argument than him (all not necessarily untrue...). It was going so poorly that when he joked that he obviously had the better hair, it failed to lighten the mood. . We just barely made it through the last question, my self-esteem completely deflated, and wondering why the heck Naz married me in the first place if he thought I was so terrible. He informed me this is not a good game to play with a 7 (his personality type on the enneagram). We then proceeded to argue over who was actually more competitive (and decided that one may be a draw ;) . Once that was settled, Nazari graciously spent a good portion of the remainder of the trip reassuring me of all the reasons he loves me - even if he is the more fun one. Things took a turn for the better, and we both agreed that the renowned shoe game might be better left for the wedding day than a car trip. If you dare, here are the infamous questions - may your experience playing be better than our own. . Who was the one to initiate the relationship? Who was the first to say I love you? Who has stinkier feet? Who is the bigger spender? Who is the harder worker? Who has less friends? Who is funnier? Who cries the most during movies? Who has better hair? Who is more stubborn? Who is more forgetful? Who spends more time staring at their phone? Who is the worse driver? Who is going to do most of the work around the house? Who has the nuttier Family? Who is the better dressed? Who wants kids first? Who’s more likely to start an argument? Who’s more likely to finish an argument? Who’s better at keeping secrets? Who is the bigger baby when they’re sick? Who is messier? Who goes the longest without showering? Who is the better athlete? Who is more laidback? Who is the better dancer? Who is more competitive? Who is going to die first? Who is more romantic? Who is more beautiful? Who is the better kisser? Who is more likely to prove it right now?

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