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Jared + Kristyn | Pittsburgh Marriott North Wedding Highlight

There are certain moments that stand the test of time. That leave you different than you were before. And that change the course of your life as you know it.

Five years ago, Kristen was working as a nurse at West Penn Hospital. She recalls that there were a group of podiatry residents whom staff on her unit were particularly fond of. They were a breath of fresh air and seemingly different than most residents they encountered day to day. Beyond enjoying their presence, Kristyn did not think much of it, as she had vowed to herself that she would neeeeever get involved with a doctor.

One morning, tired after a long night shift, Kristyn stopped by the ATM before heading home for the day. Around the corner walked one of those Podiatry residents, sipping a fresh cup of coffee and looking remarkably cute in his scrubs. The attraction for both parties was imminent. But what stood out even more was how easy the conversation came. They chatted for a few minutes and soon parted ways.

The next morning, they found themselves in the exact some spot, in the exact same situation. A chance meeting two days in a row. They both knew then and there that there lives were about to change.

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. but Jared and Kristyn now know that is a myth and their story is their proof.

Five years later, these two vowed each other their forevers on the perfect October day in Kristyn's Pittsburgh Hometown. Congratulations to one beautiful, intelligent, fun loving and kind couple. Your story gives us the chills, and like you, our favorite stories will forever be the ones of how we started <3


Ceremony: Saint Peter Parish

Reception: Pittsburgh Marriott North at Cranberry Woodst North Dress: Celestial Brides & Prom Shoes: Badgley Mischka Bridal Accessories: Clarissa Boutique Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal Menswear: Men's Wearhouse Florist: Gerard Boeh Flowers Hair: Plush Salon and Spa Make-Up: Jae Lee Paredes Cake: Prantl's Bakery Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas Photographer: SkySight Photography Videographer: Dorosh Documentaries

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