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Jonathan & Dana | Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Highlight

Dana + Jonathan are MARRIED and we could not be bigger fans of these two and their story!

Jonathan and Dana attended 5th through 12th grade together, and probably never said more than total of three words to one another. They went their separate ways after high school, and truly never gave the other another thought.

NINE years later, Dana was doing a walk through at Planet Fitness, and she just so happened to see Jon working out there. She remembers thinking, “Wow, Jon looks cute!”.

She went home and mentioned the encounter to her sister, and asked her input. That converastion got her pretty excited to return to her new gym. She eagerly went to Planet Fitness every day for the next two weeks, hoping to run into Jon, but she did not see him there any of those times.

Unbeknonst to her, Jon had gone out of town for two weeks immediately following Dana’s gym walk through. But as soon as he was back in town, their paths did cross again at Planet Fitness. However, this time, Jon spotted Dana. On the treadmill. He thought she looked pretty cute and knew he better go talk to her.

So talk to her he did. He snagged the treadmill right beside her, and struck up conversation, mostly curious to discover if she had a boyfriend or not. This scenario played itself out numerous more times over the following month, until Jon finally got up the courage to invite Dana out for a drink.

They went on their first date, and then for a second date the next night, and on and on and on. They could not get enough of one another. A year and a half later, Jon had the ring burning in his pocket and he couldn’t wait to ask Dana to be his bride. Just weeks ago, that dream became a reality as they officially vowed to keep on dating forever. It should be noted that at some point in that timeframe, Dana learned that jon hates the treadmill with a fiery passion. ☺

We cannot say enough about how special their love is, or how perfect their day was. TODAY you can relieve the highlight of their traditional, classic, memorable wedding – filled with Serbian traditions, the cutest kiddos, and the sweetest moments shared between these remarkable newlyweds. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Iorio!


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