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Adam + Nikki | Pittsburgh Marriott North Fall Wedding Day

Nikki is known for her strong work ethic and large network of extremely close friends and family - something that could be an oxymoron, but is absolutely the case for this amazing woman. With how loved and treasured she is by all that know her, they all wondered who her partner in life would be. Who was that someone who would be her equal; challenge her; and make her even better? They all collectively breathed a sigh of relief when Adam was introduced. Among his MANY positive qualities - he never tried to change Nikki. He loved her at her best, and at her worst, and was always there to support her and watch her grow.

These two actually grew up going to the same school and never dated. They reconnected years later and hit it off. After Adam and Nikki had been dating for a short while, they were out one night with friends and siblings for some drinks. Nikki asked Adam's brother, Steve, to give her his phone she that could put her number in it, just in case he would need to text or call her for any reason.

He was a little taken aback thinking, "Hmm.. my brothers girlfriend?.. okay..." So he obliged and handed Nikki his phone. She quickly returned the device, and he took a gander to verify what had just gone down, and a smile quickly appeared across his face. Nikki had entered her number under the contact name of "sister in law Nikki". He immediately showed Adam, who just smiled and shook his head.

Mind you, that was three years ago, and only a short time into their relationship. But Nikki knew what was inevitable. As did Adam. As did their large network of extremely close friends and family. They saw it in the way the looked at one another when they were together, and the way they talked about one another when they were apart. It was different. It was rare. And it was SO good!

When the time finally felt right, Adam asked Nikki to be his wife. And these two Pittsburgh born, Steelers loving, dancing machines tied the knot this fall surrounded by that same network of friends and family that have been by their sides through it all. Their wedding day was a celebration in every sense of the word.


Ceremony: Our Lady of Peace, Conway Pa

Bride + Bridesmaid Dresses: One Enchanted Evening

Bride's Shoes: Aldo

Videographer: Dorosh Documentaries with Matt Dreher

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