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South Hills Pittsburgh Family Photographer | The Graham Family

Tis the Season! - December is hands down my favorite month of the year! There is so much to celebrate. Everything is so festive and cheery. There are the lights. The scents. The trees. AND the Graham Family Photos! For the last few years, I've had the privilege of spending a brisk December afternoon with this amazing family, and it is always a delight.

This family is not only a ton of fun, but they also love each other SO much! They are patient and they are kind. They are steadfast and easy going: incredible depictions of how to handle life with the unpredictability that comes with raising a three year old. Watching these two with how they care for their son and adapt to the curveballs a toddler throws their way is such an inspiration and something I can only hope to implement in our home some day.

We began our photo shoot in a park close to Tyler and Ali's house. We were gifted with an uncannily sunny, warm end of year day (A huge relief from the freezing rain we experience last year! :) We got the spot all to ourselves, which allowed their little guy the ability to run free and take necessary breaks from the camera.

Following our time at the park, we ventured to Tyler and Ali's BRAND NEW home. These two have done more to be settled in their place in the three short months they have lived there than Naz and I have in over a year. I was BLOWN away. Not only were the aesthetics straight out of a magazine, it was what Christmas dreams are made of. I got to share in an evening of play, present opening, and PJ dance parties by the fire. I pocketed a snapshot not only in my camera, but also in my mind, as I cannot wait to recreate this exact evening with my own family some day!

Just watching these three interact, the boundless ways they cause one another to LIGHT up, and how much fun they have together is truly a gift. They all beam with such pride at the family they have created, and to capture the love they share is truly a gift.

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